Download Bandicam 2022 for PC for free

Bandicam is a program used to record video for everything you do on the desktop. It is often used to provide video explanations that explain how a tool works on Windows or explain a specific program or record games. The program allows you to shoot high-quality videos and record audio from your computer or You can connect the microphone to record from it and it also allows the possibility of making a live broadcast on the sites designated for this. The program has become very popular recently for its functions and features.

Many features are waiting for you, including the game recording function. You can play and record at the same time as it supports DirectX technology used in playing games and this allows you to shoot high-quality HD videos. This application also helps you take pictures of the screen with ease with the ability to customize the place you want to shoot Where you can take a picture of a specific window or take a picture of the entire screen. The beginning of the program dates back to 2009 and since then it has been in continuous development.

Download Bandicam 2022 for PC for free

Bandicam guarantees you a high quality in capturing both photos and videos, so it is a suitable solution for owners of YouTube channels who provide explanations related to computers and games. You want to shoot, for example, you want to shoot a clip of games, an explanation of an application, or take educational courses for a website.

Bandicam allows its users to compress the videos that are being filmed while maintaining their quality, thus helping you to upload files to video sites in a short time. To show your face in the different explanations or review the games, and the application is compatible with various Windows systems, including Windows XP and Windows 10, to sum up, the Bandicam program is one of the programs that have weight in the field of explanations and is used by millions around the world due to its multiple functions.

Download Bandicam 2022 for PC for free

Extracting video in more than one format with the ability to control its quality and the number of frames per second.
Take photos from your desktop in various formats, including PNG, JPG, and BMP.
You can record in high quality up to 4K and Ultra HD.
The ability to photograph certain parts of the desktop, such as a window or an entire screen.
Upload videos to YouTube without performing the conversion process.
Compatibility with various Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 systems.
Ease of adding your website or channel logo to the video.
An elegant graphic interface as the program’s functions are beautifully coordinated.
Record audio from your computer and mix it with your own voice.
Compress the video while maintaining its high quality, to facilitate the upload process.

Program size: 30.40 MB
Publisher: Bandisoft
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: experimental copy


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