Download GOM Player 2022 audio and video player

Gom Player is a high-resolution audio and video player, as it is considered one of the best programs for playing audio and video files in all different formats. The program enjoys providing all the codes within the program for easy operation and opening of audio with volume control, sound adjustments, screen lighting, and the speed of playing audio files as it supports Play all video formats and different formats.

GOM Player supports most codecs (AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, MOV and other codecs necessary to play all formats, audio files, video files and high-definition movies without the need to search for codecs to play them again with the ability to create playlists for various audio files and play them sequentially automatically, as well as videos and HD videos repeatedly or consecutively. 

Download GOM Player 2022 audio and video player

Download GOM Player 2022 audio and video player

The program’s interface is easy and has many tools for easy playing videos, controlling video speed, sound level, all audio and screen effects, playing audio and video clips directly from CDs, and supporting taking pictures from the video screen through the Burst Capture tool while it is running on the premium program.

1. Play all HD audio and video files and support playback of all audio and video formats.
2. Ease of taking pictures from the computer screen and full control of videos and movies.
3. Simple interface and ease of dealing with the tools on the front of the screen.

Software version: GOM Player 2.3.79 Build 5339
Release date: March 2022
Developed by: GOM lab
Program size: 23.6 MB
Program language: supports many languages
Operating requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows 10 Vista-7-8
Software license: Free

Download 32bit

Download 64bit

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