Download Oracle Virtualbox 2022 for PC

Oracle Virtualbox is a free, open-source program that offers a great service that is summarized in the possibility of creating virtual systems alongside your system where you can install a number of systems, for example Linux or Windows, or programs that need to be installed, and this is suitable for those who want to experiment with tools and learn about the features and characteristics of the system Before its final installation, you can test unknown applications and viruses on the default system, giving you a broad view of how they work without harming the system you are using.

With this distinguished application, you can move between virtual devices smoothly, and you can allocate the resources that the system uses, such as the processor, RAM, and hard disk capacity. Efficiently on the virtual machine that you create, the program is also useful in making explanations on how to install systems on computers. 

Download Oracle Virtualbox 2022 for PC

Oracle Virtualbox allows you to share files with the platform. Installing distributions is very simple and does not require previous experience. It is enough to choose the version of the system in the ISO format. Then you can install it as in the normal way. One of the great features of the application is the ability to make a backup copy of the system in order to return To it at any time you want, for example, in the event of sabotage or malfunctions due to certain settings, and this saves you the trouble of installing systems again, the program works with different versions of Windows.

Through your use of this special program, you will be able to install more than 8 copies of distributions such as Ubuntu, Windows, Backtrack and other systems where you can use them in one computer. To say that Virtual Box is a powerful program that provides many great features that enable you to test different types of systems on fake devices that are created and you can control their operation in a very flexible manner.

Download Oracle Virtualbox 2022 for PC

Features of the program for creating virtual systems Features Oracle Virtualbox Suitable for making explanations on how to install different types of distributions.
Possibility to allocate own resources for each virtual machine.
Experiment with unknown systems and see how they work.
A backup copy of the used system is made and you can refer to it.
It is open source, which means that it is free and can be used without restrictions.
You can install different types of distributions such as Ubuntu and Backtrack.

Program size: 104 MB
Developer: Oracle.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary


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