Free Download FTP Rush 2022 File Transfer for PC

FTP Rush is one of the powerful programs in the field of uploading and downloading files via the FTP server used in all hosting. Connect by entering the link and login information, the user name and port, as well as the password, and do not worry about your account, as the application is encrypting the data.

This distinguished program provides you with the management features of deleting unwanted files in addition to reorganizing using folders and renaming in addition to editing code, and you can also add all the files you want to the server at a high speed as is the case by downloading them to the computer and in the event of an event Something is wrong with the upload process, the application will retry several times until the process is completed successfully and it will tell you all the details of the tasks you are doing on the server.

Free Download FTP Rush 2022 File Transfer for PC

Free Download FTP Rush 2022 File Transfer for PC

FTP programs are essential for everyone who owns hosting, as it makes it easy for the user to upload and install scripts through the site. It is also possible to upload plugins and templates to install them properly on your own website. It should be noted that the application we are reviewing in your hands deals with various types of files Including images and code, JavaScript, HTML, PHP and others, and the drag and drop feature can be used to upload files directly to the server.

Another use of the FTP Rush program is the possibility of transferring files to another location, as it will facilitate the process by selecting the data that you want to transfer and upload to the computer that has been patched on another server you own. It happens on your website, and the application comes with a fairly easy graphical interface that any user can handle without having to go through special explanations.
Features of FTP Rush

It provides you with a comprehensive management of the files stored in the FTP server.
Data can be reorganized into folders that you create.
Suitable for uploading scripts and templates on the server.
Download all the files you want via FTP.
It offers its functions within an elegant and easy-to-use graphic interface.
It guarantees you a high speed in uploading and downloading from the server.
The ability to make a backup copy of the data and save it on the computer.
Maintains confidentiality of logged in data. 

Program size: 2.85 MB
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

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