UVK 2022 is the best antivirus for your computer

UVK – Ultra Virus Killer, a program to protect your computer from various types of threats. It allows you to analyze running processes and related files, clean your computer and protect the registry from unauthorized change attempts. You can also change lists of programs, services, drivers, and other objects that start at system startup, analyze NTFS alternate data streams, and delete folders and files, even if they are locked by the operating system. All working tools are available directly on the main screen of the program.

Explanation of how to remove viruses from the computer 100 effective with the program Ultra Virus Killer

The program to clean the device from viruses is called Ultra Virus Killer. It contains a set of powerful programs and tools that scan the device for viruses and remove them from the computer, and the important feature in this is that it helps you repair files that viruses have caused harm and also helps you repair system files and many powerful tools And useful for you and your device and makes you able to speed up your computer to the maximum speed.

UVK 2022 is the best antivirus for your computer

If you are using a high-quality antivirus, you can also install the Ultra program that we have with us today. They work side by side until you get the most comprehensive protection, The product contains a bunch of other useful plug-ins for optimizing and managing your PC.

1. System Repair is a powerful unit that combines many troubleshooting functions in one place.
Component settings contain options to clear the contents of temporary folders, reset browser settings, clean the registry, restore default network settings, register system DLLs, run an SFC (System File Checker) scanner and apply standard Windows repairs.
Select the options you want and UVK will automatically perform all operations, including booting into safe mode and creating system restore points.

2. Registry Seeker is a useful tool that can search for one or more string values ​​across the entire system registry.

All found objects are displayed in one window, and the user can edit individual items, search for them in Google, or select several objects to delete at once.

3. System Information is a module that displays various details about the hardware components of your computer and Windows, including the Windows operating system key. The module can optionally save data in an HTML report.

4. Smart Uninstaller is a useful tool for viewing and managing installed applications.

The module allows you to select several applications at once and uninstall them in batches, often without the need for additional actions from the user (the program tries to automate the uninstall process).
Blacklists allow users to create lists of programs to be viewed separately. They will be automatically identified when Smart Uninstaller starts and can be removed with a single click.

5. Autorun Manager – A handy tool that speeds up the process of removing unwanted programs from Windows startup.

The user can easily choose which user programs will be displayed on startup, eg. You can select multiple programs at once and remove them with one or two clicks. The module includes options to remove startup items and even remove executable files.

6. Delete files and folders Provides the function of replacing and copying files, and deleting files and folders, even if they are used by other applications.

7. Quick User Manager is a simple alternative to the standard Windows account management tool.

The module does not have a confusing control panel, multiple dialogs, and does not require manual changes to registry keys. Everything you need – account names, privilege levels, password rules, automatic login settings and other important parameters are available from a single window.

8. Ultra Virus Killer includes modules for managing Windows services, viewing and closing multiple Windows processes in one step, components for managing system restore points, preventing registry key changes, and other useful tools.

Of course, Ultra Virus Killer helps you remove malware first.
This software works as a complete tool to repair malware damage or manually scan and delete it after the basic antivirus fails.

Ultra Virus Killer is a program to clean the computer from viruses and malware that is light on the system, and it contains a set of distinctive tools that help you clean the entire device of viruses, spyware and hacking, in addition to repairing and speeding up the computer.

UVK 2022 is the best antivirus for your computer

Ultra Virus Killer I recommend it to users who have a previous background in dealing with antivirus programs because it is a complex program, but it is very powerful in cleaning the device of viruses and will remove malware and repair any damage that may be caused to files. One of the best UVK Ultra Virus Killer tools It is a smart uninstaller. It is able to uninstall several programs simultaneously.

On this page, we offer you the best programs designed to completely clean your computer from viruses and fix system errors easily and with the click of a button, in addition to that it is a lightweight program that is compatible with all Windows operating systems such as Windows 10 – 8 – 7 – Get it now with the direct link below on your site. imagination.

When working with UVK, you must be extremely careful, because the termination of an important process or the deletion of a system file can critically affect the performance of the entire system or its individual applications.

License: Trial
Size: 21 MB
Compatibility: All Windows Operating Systems 

To download a program to clean the device from viruses and spyware with a direct link: Ultra Virus Killer Download

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