Download App to learn English easily 2022 Cake for Android for free

Cake is a smart choice in learning the English language as it offers you a smooth education to acquire simple and advanced skills in the English language and develop them to become a professional in it. The game contains a set of useful graphics and sentences that will help you enrich your educational level and upgrade it to a higher level. Useful for beginners in the English language, as it starts with them from the basics related to pronunciation and reading texts to the point of writing.

The English learning application Cake offers you illustrated lessons about the English language in a short time so as to get used to the application so that you do not get bored of it at first sight and you can learn and dive deep into English over time, 10 minutes per day on the application is enough to teach you the language and prepare you to the next level that will be More advanced, Cake will help you with English conversations and become a native speaker.

You can also use the microphone to record phrases with your personal pronunciation and based on the artificial intelligence technology available in the application, the pronunciation is evaluated and you are given consistent assessments so that you can improve your pronunciation performance and gain skill further.

Download App to learn English easily 2022 Cake for Android for free

The Software is renewed on a daily basis so that new phrases and sentences are added each time so that the user can delve deeper and gradually interact with the graphics that Cake gives you and the latter will help you greatly in understanding the content and context of the phrases more.
Features of the application to learn English easily Features Cake
It offers you a set of graphics and images for better learning.
The possibility of recording audio through the microphone to learn pronunciation.
English speaking exercises and skill development.
Regular daily learning by following videos and photos.
Suitable for all age groups, including children and adults. 

Information about the application to learn English easily Cake
Software version: 4.5.1
Program size: 15.3 MB
Program compatibility: Android 5.0 and later
License: Complimentary

Download the application to learn English easily
APK direct link
google play link

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