Download Avast Premier 2023 Antivirus for PC

Avast Premier Antivirus is a unique option to secure the system from malicious files, as it provides the most promising technologies in maintaining the system and preventing attacks that may target files and carry out sabotage operations to be indispensable. Avast scans all files that you download from the Internet or transfer from Storage media that includes memory cards and flash disk.

strong database The Software derives its strength from the database, which helps it to identify many different types of Trojans and malware, as well as malware and spyware, and the database is updated continuously and periodically while connected to the Internet.

Fixing and patching loopholes Avast Premier stands for weaknesses in the system and installed Software's to work on fixing them so that they are not exploited against you in attacking the system and leaking types of Trojans.

Check files : You can perform a custom scan targeting a specific file or files that you have recently downloaded to the hard disk, in addition to the automatic scan performed by the application.

Sandbox feature : The latter will allow you to run Softwares and files in an environment separate from your Windows system in case you have doubts about a file or application.

Download Avast Premier 2023 Antivirus for PC

play mode : Through this mode, you will be able to save the resources of the Windows processor and RAM and direct them to the Softwares and games that you run.
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Check sites The application is based on an automatic check of all websites with compatibility with all browsers so that it can block harmful sites and phishing sites as well as combat spam messages.

Information about Avast Premier Antivirus

Software version: 22.5.6015
Program size: 696 MB
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

Download Avast Premier Antivirus

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