Download AVS Video Editor Software 2023 for PC

AVS Video Editor is an integrated video editing Software where you can use it to cut unwanted parts and merge images with the inclusion of background music to make a movie. It also contains a set of effects up to 300 different effects, including transition effects between images and videos, and the Software has an easy interface Usage It ensures for the user a smooth transition between functions, as you will not need to watch tutorials on how to work. You can start immediately after installing the Software.

The application allows splitting and merging your videos professionally with the ability to insert comments and titles with control of font size and color in addition to changing its position to suit your choices, this Software supports adding various video and image formats as well as audio files including AVI, MKV, MP4, JPG and MP3, you can get rid of the defects in your clips and improve their quality by using specialized tools such as the red-eye repair tool.

Download AVS Video Editor Software 2023 for PC

Download AVS Video Editor Software 2023 for PC

It is worth noting that you can use the Software to adjust colors, adjust brightness and contrast, and you can rotate the video in different directions and other adjustments. The Software contains a timeline similar to other editing Softwares in this line. You can insert various media files such as images, videos and audio files as you can Use it to identify the parts that are important to you and delete the part that you do not see important to you, and the Software supports various international languages.

Moreover, the Software provides you with an instant preview of the modifications you make to the Software while saving them to undo any modification you have made and you did not like it. You can use the Software to edit high-quality FHD videos that were filmed with a professional camera or by your own phone, after completing the process Editing You can export the video in more than one format and burn it to CDs or share it with your friends smoothly. To sum up, AVS Video Editor is designed to help with the normal editing work such as cutting, merging, color optimization and merging.

Download AVS Video Editor Software 2023 for PC

AVS Video Editor Features

Do various kinds of edits to the included videos.
Supports the ability to combine images and add background music to create a video.
Importing various types of media, including videos, images, and audio.
More than 300 different effects that you can add seamlessly.
Available in more than one international language such as English, French and Spanish.
Light on the computer so it does not require a large amount of resources.
An elegant, easy-to-use interface that ensures a smooth transition between application functions.
After you finish editing the videos, you can burn them to CDs.
Save your changes with the ability to undo them.
Add annotations with font size and position control.

Information about AVS Video Editor

Software version:
Program size: 170 MB
Publisher: Online Media Technologies Ltd.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: experimental copy

Download AVS Video Editor

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