Download Barcode Software for PC Labeljoy 2022 Barcode Maker

Download free barcode software for PC 2022 for Windows - LabelJoy Barcode Label Software for Business

Labeljoy barcode generator allows you to create a variety of barcode designs, you can use the barcode maker to create creative barcodes with photos and clip art files, and you can use the barcode software to design and print barcode labels on products.

LabelJoy is a software package for designing business cards and barcodes, as well as for printing unique barcodes and labels. The built-in unique barcode generator supports many standards, and the Software prints itself on any type of printer and paper.

The barcode generator and design software is equipped with an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor, thanks to which the design of barcode shapes, labels and business cards will become an easy and exciting experience for any category of user. Ready-made settings and presets for all types of printed products will help you create labels, barcodes, business cards or barcodes in the desired format, size and quality.

Barcodes are something worth talking about separately. LabelJoy provides advanced tools for creating them, and supports interaction with external databases MySQL, Excel, Access, Oracle, and more. Create and print custom barcodes for your store or coffee shop in EAN 13, EAN 8, EAN 128, Code 39 and more.

Download Labeljoy 2022 Barcode Maker for PC Free

Download Labeljoy 2022 Barcode Maker for PC Free
Features of QR Code Maker for PC: Dynamic barcode fields update
Over 4,500 clip art files and 6,500+ layouts
Export to JPG, PNG, TIF and PDF
QR Code Generator
printer support roll

Note: Labeljoy is a good barcode and barcode maker in general with many features. It is the best barcode generator app for online and offline stores.

The price of Labeljoy Software to make barcodes for the computer

Basic $149
Full $299
Server $1,599
Available: Free trial: Yes | There is no limit but the barcodes are printed with trial status / watermark

Labeljoy is a Software for creating and printing labels for folders, badges, cards, envelopes and everything else that needs to be copied and printed in whole or in part as it is the first label printing Software to offer a full WYSIWYG interface: your computer screen will display the paper and label elements exactly as they will be printed.
Benefits of using a computer barcode maker Connect to external data sources to create labels with dynamic content
Export to most graphic formats like jpg, png, gif and pdf
Generate QR codes offline, using Labeljoy's built-in QR code software, or online, using the QR code generator on the software's official website
Generate barcode (18 different types of barcodes) for any application like Code 39, Ean13, ITF14, UPC, Code 93, Interleaved 2/5, Codabar and many more.

Powerful Features of Best Barcode Maker

Great WYSIWYG Editor for creating custom designs
Modern formats and standards for barcode generation are supported
Generate unique barcodes or based on data from an external source
Ready-made settings for printing multiple cards, labels or barcodes on paper
Effective use of paper
Draw lines for farming. Create QR codes with content, text or special link

The main executable Software is Labeljoy5.exe. The Software installer includes six files and is usually about 93 MB. LabeljoyUpdate.exe will automatically download and apply new updates.

On startup, the window lets you choose if you want to create a new project, upload an existing project, upload a file form such as title, badge, barcode, business card and more, link to a data source, register the Software, or access a menu Help. Choose New Project, and you will immediately be able to set the type and dimensions of the model. By default, the new label sheet is provided with a text field and a barcode.

In the top bar of the Labeljoy interface you can find all the general functions: create a new project, open an existing project, save, print, scroll pages, undo redo functions, as well as a set of tools for layouts, hide or block an element and zoom. The interface also has options and a help menu.

The bar on the left side contains all the editing tools for text, barcodes, images, and other elements on the page. The interface is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) so it's the easiest interface you can find, which means your computer screen will display paper and label items exactly as they will be printed and all functions are easy to discover.

You can change the label orientation, embed text, adjust fonts and text size, and change the fill color, background color, frame color, text outline color, and barcode color. You can also adjust the barcode width and add quiet zones. Managing page items, counters, label numbers, and page numbers is easy. You can choose between centimeters and inches as units. Complex fading, transparency, and rotation effects are also available.

With changes updated in real time, your main workspace becomes a representation of the result, without the need to constantly preview your work through different menus. When you're done, you can create an image file of some of the most commonly used formats that can be created or printed on paper.

Version number: LabelJoy
License: Not Free - Trial - Trail
Size: about 93MB

Compatibility: Windows 10 - Windows 8 - Windows 7 for 32 and 64-bit systems

To download the latest version of the Software for designing and printing barcodes for products with a direct link from the official website on the following link:


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