Download the best email management Software

If you are looking for the best email management Software, then you are in the right place, as Mozilla Thunderbird will allow you to comprehensively manage all your email accounts in a very flexible and smooth manner through a graphical interface free of complications to be suitable for beginners and professionals, the Software is equipped with a large number of features And powerful tools that make managing your mail fun, including the ability to filter spam messages, block unwanted emails from communicating with you, and other additional features.

The application is characterized by secure accounts, as it encrypts the contact information that you enter in the application to be away from the eyes of prying eyes and hackers and to make your account as secure as possible. Falling into the trap of viruses and Trojans that some send in the form of multiple files and send them to a large number of users to get the largest number of victims.

Download the best email management Software

Download the best email management Software

The Software also has special tools to facilitate access to the desired messages, as it puts in your hands the built-in search feature that can be used to search for emails, message addresses, etc. It can be filtered and saved in the application's favorites to facilitate access to it in the coming times, and one of the important features of this Software is the backup feature For messages and contacts, where you can make a file that includes all the desired messages and emails in a safe place on the hard disk.
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Through Mozilla Thunderbird, you can also send messages directly to the contacts in your account with ease and flexibility. You will also be able to attach your messages with files such as photos, documents, etc. You can send one message to a large number of emails directly, and this application gives you the ability to customize private messages Through a built-in editor that allows you to change the size and color of text and insert headings, it goes even further in the customization process by supporting HTML codes.

Features of the email management Software Mozilla Thunderbird

The possibility of logging in to a number of mail accounts.
Protection and encryption of account information and electronic messages.
It gives you complete management of the incoming and outgoing messages in your account.
The ability to send formatted mail messages with HTML code support.
You can save contacts to the hard disk with ease.
Filter unwanted messages and spam in a smart way. 

Information about the Mozilla Thunderbird email management Software
Software version: 91.10.0
Program size: 52.4 MB
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

32 bit 

64 bit

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