Download the best live broadcast Software for PC 2022 OBS Studio

Download the best live broadcast Software for PC 2022 with a direct link - obs studio 24 free download
Open Broadcaster Software or OBS Studio is used to record and save video streams to your computer and broadcast over the Internet. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Versions are available for 32 and 64-bit systems. supports this Download YouTube Live Streaming Software for PC Many popular streaming services: CyberGame, Youtube, Daily Motion, Cash Play, Hitbox, Twitch and many more.
Explanation of the obs Software for live broadcasting, download the obs Software from Mediafireyoutube live streaming software for pc

Video content creators can download OBS for broadcasting and ease their daily routine by creating broadcasts for all popular platforms. The software integrates with your YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live, Twitter and GameTips account and supports many other services. Experienced users can configure broadcasts to different sites by selecting the server and broadcast key themselves.

Are you looking for a way to make a live broadcast on YouTube from your computer desktop? How to make a live broadcast to the desktop on Facebook or on YouTube? We offer you the latest free Software to record video from the computer and broadcast it directly on the face book or YouTube.
obs studio explanation:

Download the best live broadcast Software for PC 2022 OBS Studio

Free OBS Video Recorder, Audio and Video for PC and Live Broadcasting is an acronym for "Open Broadcaster Software" OBS Studio is a comprehensive open source video capture and live broadcasting package that supports multiple sources including media files, games, web pages, software windows, webcams, desktops, microphones, and more. . The Software saves the recordings on the hard disk in high quality formats such as (MOV, FLV, MKV, MP4, TS and M3u8).

You can now record screen video and capture the desktop in high quality using OpenGL or Direct3D technology and broadcast it on the Internet, such as live broadcasting sites such as YouTube, Facebook and other sites with OBS Studio, the latest version with a direct link for free for computer and laptop.

OBS Studio is a live broadcast Software for PC 2022 because it contains multiple broadcasting services, including Twitch, and the Software also helps you create educational Softwares and broadcast them on the web easily and share them with others.

Download the best live broadcast Software for PC 2022 wobs studio

You can capture video actions from a monitor or browser, record audio streams, connect monitors and devices via HDMI, and pull broadcasts from the network. You can include images and text directly while recording footage.
High quality recordingDo you want to combine videos from multiple sources into one image? To do this, you need to download and install OBS on your computer and start studio mode, here you can connect various streams, websites, browsers, overlays, embed transitions in the video and track all changes in the preview window. The flexible interface allows you to customize the controls for yourself and add and remove individual windows.

let you Best YouTube Live Streaming Software for PC Solve many problems: conduct online courses, arrange group discussions, or simply communicate with your audience.
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Presents Live broadcast Software for computer games 3 options for audio recording:From a microphone or other external device, suitable for webinars, training courses and reviews of various services.
System sounds. In this case, what the user hears is recorded through the loudspeakers
Suitable for simple educational videos where the actions do not need to be explained verbally.
It is also possible to stream audio and video simultaneously from the screen and webcam.

Of particular note are the functions and tools for capturing walkthroughs and reviews of computer games. OBS Studio uses a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to capture images, ensuring maximum performance and high-quality video streams.

Since the computer is heavily loaded for broadcasting, it is possible to reduce or increase the priority of the Software over other processes. This allows OBS Studio to allocate sufficient system resources.

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Advantages Best live streaming software for pcPreview screen.
Capture from multiple sources at the same time.
Adjust the extension, quality and bit rate of the video.
Image primary processing: cropping and color correction.
Effects and filters: image inversion, chroma key, mask, line creep and others.
Record video in MP4, FLV, MOV and TS formats.

Add an unlimited number of your scenes.
Determine the type of codec, output channel, audio formats, Software skins and other parameters.
Simultaneous broadcasting and recording.

Program name: OBS Studio
Version: 27.1.3
License: Free
Size: about 82 MB
Compatibility: All Windows systems
Download OBS Studio latest version with direct link
For Windows Choose your system

OBS Studio 32 bit
OBS Studio 64 bit

for Mac
for linux

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