Download BurnAware 2022 CD burning software for PC

BurnAware is a program that offers complete and multiple features in the field of burning discs and dealing with them and has many uses, including the possibility of burning videos and movies directly on CDs and can be played on disc players associated with the TV screen, and to indicate that the program can also be used to create an audio CD that contains audio Your favorites that you downloaded from the Internet or transferred from storage media.

The application is characterized by its high speed in the process of burning and burning files on multiple CDs, in addition to being suitable for beginners, as its graphic interface is accessible to both beginners and professionals.

Download BurnAware 2022 CD burning software for PC

Through BurnAware, you can also make backup copies of your important files stored on the hard drive or flash disk, where they can be transferred directly to a CD and kept in a safe place and referenced when the files are needed in case they are lost or subjected to sabotage by viruses, if they exist. on the computer.

Download BurnAware 2022 CD burning software for PC

The program is also used to burn operating systems such as Windows and Linux, where you can transfer the distribution directly to the disc and use it to install the system on the computer directly when the computer boots.

In addition, the application supports some additional features such as the feature to re-write on disks that accept the feature where you can easily delete data and add some new files on the CD in a very smooth way, and to indicate that the program consumes few resources from the computer's processor resources and random memory.
Characteristics of the program for burning files to discs Features BurnAware
Great speed in burning and copying multiple files.
Easy to use due to its simplified and flexible interface.
It helps you make backup copies of files.
Supports burning of videos, audio and movies.
Moderate consumption of processor and RAM resources.
Delete data from rewritable disks.
Burn operating systems to discs with ease.

Information about BurnAware CD burning software
Program size: 22.7 MB
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

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