Download CCleaner Browser for PC 2022 latest version

CCleaner Browser is a free browser that contains a large number of powerful features to make browsing smoother and faster. Through it, you will be able to access all web pages at high speed, as well as in navigating between sections of the website, and the Software is also characterized by its lightness on system resources as it consumes them It remains limited, which makes it popular with many users.

CCleaner browser maintains the privacy of users with more than one available technology, including encrypting all browsing information and data, as well as protecting login information, and this makes you safe from electronic attacks and malicious files that try to steal your data, whether it was for social networking accounts or bank data.
Perfect Browser Cleanup

Download CCleaner Browser for PC 2022 latest version

Users can quickly remove all traces of their browsing like cookies and the sites they have visited and there are a lot of customizations that can be used to focus on specific information saved on the browser.
Protection from phishing sites

The Software automatically curbs malicious sites, especially phishing sites, according to monitoring and pre-examination techniques for websites, in addition to its availability on the list of malicious sites in the database.

Download CCleaner Browser for PC 2022 latest version

There is a large segment of users who are always in a state of concern about using the web cam without their permission, as some codes may try to run them without the authority or right.
Browse privately

This web browser blocks all your information from various websites, including browser version, language, installed add-ons and other data.

Some sites may not use this security protocol, and this may put privacy in the crosshairs of hackers and hackers, as they will be able to spy on you and may even steal your information. This is why CCleaner Browser activates the protocols on all websites.

Information about CCleaner Browser
Software version: 101.0.16440.70
Program size: 1.02 MB
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free version

Download CCleaner Browser

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