Download DiskBoss 2022 hard disk management

DiskBoss is a well-known Software that provides many leading services in the field of hard disk management, where you can access all stored files and organize them as desired, among other uses is browsing and deleting duplicate stored files to provide free space that can be used to save your important data, and provides you with a super speed in Performing the multiple operations that you request from the application, where data can be transferred at high speed between hard disk partitions, which means copying large files in a short time.

The Software is equipped with the latest leading technologies in the cleaning process, where you can get rid of all the redundant files that are not needed in the Windows system, and this may reflect positively on the performance of the computer in general and provide storage liquidity, and it should be noted that the application can be used to obtain comprehensive reports on the stored files In terms of size and number, it also guarantees you a smooth browsing of the data according to your own customization, and you can also use the quick search feature to access.

Download DiskBoss 2022 hard disk management 

DiskBoss provides some additional features, including setting tasks to be done automatically without your intervention, which will save you a lot of time and effort that can be spent in manual tasks, and you can also make backup copies of your important files and save them on one of the storage media in anticipation of any emergency that may occur It happens and you may not be able to access the system, in addition to that, you can generate various reports on the general condition of the hard disk and save them on your computer for viewing at any time you wish.

It is worth noting that the application gives you wide powers in management and organization. It is also possible to access hidden and visible folders, modify them or delete them if you do not want to keep them inside the hard disk. Multiple tasks can be performed through keyboard shortcuts, where it is easy for you to perform various operations easily. Complete, DiskBoss comes with a graphical interface to say the least that is easy to use so that you do not need experience and can switch between the languages ​​available in the Software.

Features DiskBoss DiskBoss management and cleaning Software
Help get rid of redundant files stored in the hard drive.
Supports transferring files inside the hard disk at high speed.
A graphical interface that supports a smooth transition between the offered functions.
You can get comprehensive reports of the status of stored files.
The property of finding and deleting duplicate files to save space.
Allows the use of keyboard shortcuts to manage files.
Allows you to export and save reports in multiple formats on your computer.

Information about the DiskBoss hard disk management and cleaning Software
Program size: 7.79 MB
Developer: Flex.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

Download DiskBoss hard disk management and cleaning Software
Download 32 bit
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