Download email management Software 2022 Mozilla Thunderbird for PC

Mozilla Thunderbird is an application whose main competence is to manage email accounts, as it provides the best tools in the field that will give you total control of the mail, starting from reorganizing the messages you receive and placing them in the right place and deleting unwanted spam messages from the mail. Not only this, but you can also manage Contacts and add the emails that you deal with periodically to a special list of favorites so that you can later send messages to them quickly without having to type the email each time. The Software offers special tools that help you customize the messages you send where you can organize the written text and control In its size, color, adding sub-headings and main, and formatting messages as best as possible, in addition to supporting HTML codes that give you a wide space to coordinate messages with high professionalism.

Download email management Software 2022 Mozilla Thunderbird for PC

Download email management Software 2022 Mozilla Thunderbird for PC

Mozilla Thunderbird offers special security features and techniques as it encrypts login information to make dealing with the application highly secure and thus prevent any hacking attempt, even if it is very advanced. In addition, the application integrates with antiviruses that scan files that you download as attachments From incoming emails to your account, this increases the security of your account and prevents viruses from reaching your system. It is worth noting that Mozilla Thunderbird supports all types of mail accounts, including Google, Outlook and others. Many emails can be opened and managed directly by logging in to them and saving the information within the application This eliminates the need for you to access the websites dedicated to accounts and saves you a lot of effort and trouble.

Mozilla Thunderbird Features

Full management and control of all types of postal accounts.
Supports POP and IMAP protocols with the ability to read RSS feeds.
It offers strong protection for the login information you enter.
Encrypt messages that you send to mail accounts.
You can open and manage as many accounts as you want at one time.
Offers the ability to customize the messages that you send.
High ability to detect fraudulent messages.
You can attach different types of files to the messages you send. 

Information about Mozilla Thunderbird email management Software
Software version: 91.10.0
Program size: 52.4 MB
Program compatibility: Windows 7/8/10
License: Complimentary

Windows 32 bit
Windows 64 bit

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