Download EmEditor Script Editor 2022 for PC

EmEditor is a script editor that includes many powerful features in dealing with code and text and offers its multiple functions within a graphical interface that ensures smooth navigation, and it is also a light software on the resources of the Windows system.

This powerful editor supports a wide range of programming languages ​​that are included in the software and web pages industry, so it is the first choice for developers around the world. In addition, the program allows its users to modify more than one file within the tabs feature, which means transferring codes from one file to another easily.

It also offers the feature of saving modifications, thus ensuring the undoing of any unwanted modification process through the undo button, in addition to the option to search within the codes to reach specific parts of the script and add the modification to them.

Download EmEditor Script Editor 2022 for PC

EmEditor is expandable, meaning you can install some add-ons on it in order to take advantage of other capabilities that may not be present on the application, and there are many available add-ons.

Download EmEditor Script Editor 2022 for PC

Files can be added for editing through the drag and drop feature or using the Windows browser, which guarantees you access to folders, whether on the hard disk or storage media and discs.
Features EmEditor Script Editor
Find and replace feature inside the program file.
Open more than one text file in one window.
Supports the installation of some add-ons to expand the features.
View and edit large files.
Light on the device's processor and RAM resources.
About EmEditor Script Editor

Software version: 21.8.0
Program size: 23.3 MB
Program compatibility: Windows XP/7/8/10
License: Trial

Download EmEditor Script Editor
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Download 64 bit

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