Download K7 TotalSecurity for Windows 2022 for PC

K7 TotalSecurity is an application that can be trusted in the security field, as it helps you provide the best possible protection for the system and the files stored on the hard disk. This antivirus has a powerful database that leads it to identify all types of malware.

Through this protection Software, you can perform custom checks on one of the files that you have had doubts about to cut off suspicion with certainty and make sure that there is no danger that may threaten the system in general, in addition, the application contains a tool to protect storage media from infection with viruses and other harmful files.

This includes the additional functions that the Software can provide you with a tool to protect your children from unwanted content, including pornographic content, as it imposes censorship on browsing websites and prevents harmful websites from reaching your children.

The application prevents all multi-source attacks that try to harm your system through multiple sources, the most important of which are the Internet and the network, and this will give stability to your computer to be away from dangers and security threats.

Download K7 TotalSecurity for Windows 2022 for PC

Additional features included in K7 TotalSecurity Antivirus include the Windows Firewall fortification feature, which will prevent and curb any attack or spying process that may be carried out without your permission or knowledge, and then alerts you through the alerts system available in the application. In short, this application is useful It is one of the best options in the field of security, as it will provide you with an arsenal of technologies that will keep your system away from various types of malicious files and attacks.
Windows security software features K7 TotalSecurity
Scan multiple types of files that you are dealing with.
A feature that protects and secures your storage media.
Curb and prevent cyber attacks with fortified firewall.
Identify the different types of malware without exception.

Information about Windows K7 TotalSecurity Antivirus
Software version: 16.0.0744
Program size: 243 MB
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary


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