Download Notepad Plus for PC 2022 Notepad++ latest version

Today we present to you one of the most powerful giant Softwares in the field of code editing, it is Notepad++, which won a large number of awards in recognition of its efforts in helping users to modify scripts in various Softwareming languages ​​traded at the global level. The Software can be used in a large number of uses Including the addition of some new codes to the text, fixing Softwareming errors, as well as localizing templates for WordPress and Blogger, and other additional uses.

Notepad Plus contains a wide range of great tools, including the search and replace tool, where the latter finds the text and replaces it with the code you want, and this will save a lot of time, especially if the text is repeated more than once, and the beautiful feature is that you can use it to replace the text There are a number of files in one folder where they are searched and when the code is found, it is automatically replaced with the code that you set in the second field during the preparation of the search and replacement process.

Download Notepad Plus for PC 2022 Notepad++ latest version

Download Notepad Plus for PC 2022 Notepad++ latest version

The Software supports the tabs system, which means that you can open a lot of scripts within one window, and this will make it easier for you to copy one of the text codes from one file to another file located in the tabs of the application, and Notepad Plus supports the drag and drop feature in inserting files in order to edit them with ease as well About the possibility of using the Windows browser, and the application saves the tabs used so that you can retrieve them in the event of a short shutdown of the Windows system, for example, a power outage from the computer.
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Notepad++ comes with other important features, including the Favorites feature, which allows you to add Software files to a custom list, and thus you will be able to access them with ease in order to make modifications to them. Helping to close and write codes correctly, as they are colored in different colors.

Notepad++ Features

Supports all types of software files in various languages.
Auto search and replace for texts inside files.
Tabs system that allows flexible management of codes.
It helps you to write the codes correctly by coloring them.
The ability to save scripts in the favorites list.
Direct spell checking of texts and codes.
Control the view through the zoom in and zoom out feature. 

Information about Notepad++
Software version: 8.4.2
Program size: 4.10 MB
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

Download Notepad++
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64 bit

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