Download Nox Cleaner for speeding up and cleaning Android 2022

Nox Cleaner is an ideal application for Android systems that improves performance in a wonderful way based on deleting temporary files that are not needed and this provides your phone with a free space that can be used to install new applications and games or take pictures and videos, and this is also useful for those who have a problem of poor device space, the Software works It provides a comprehensive and in-depth scan of the various parts of the system and then tells you how many files have been detected and which it is preferable to get rid of.

Through Knox Cleaner, you can delete the cache of messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and others, and this helps to speed up these applications and increase their performance significantly. Among other uses, you can get rid of tools that carry pop-up ads that appear frequently during use. Be a source of inconvenience to you as you can delete viruses and harmful files of various kinds that may threaten the security of your privacy and sensitive files.

Download Nox Cleaner for speeding up and cleaning Android 2022

Download Nox Cleaner for speeding up and cleaning Android 2022 

Do not forget that Nox Cleaner helps you to experience a unique gaming experience that is far from slow and stumbling, as it adjusts the settings better to run games in an assistive environment, one of the features worth mentioning is the phone cooling feature, as it performs a smart examination of applications running in the background that are a source of burden on resources The phone works and turns it off, which helps you control the temperature in addition to seeing it, this application is compatible with Samsung, LG, Sony and Huawei phones that operate on the Android system.

Moreover, the Software can be used to manage applications as it provides detailed information about them and gives you the possibility to uninstall them permanently to provide a new vacant space, and the application also provides a great feature of protecting various applications with a secret number or using a pattern and this to secure them away from privacy intruders. Applied to instant messaging Softwares, photos, calls and text messages, the bottom line is that Knox Cleaner is a powerful Software in cleaning the phone and controlling its privacy through a number of tools and functions.

Nox Cleaner Features

Get rid of all temporary files on the phone.
Application manager enables you to uninstall Softwares and games seriously.
Protect your privacy by locking calls, messages and messaging Softwares.
Improve the performance of the phone by stopping the services that run in the background.
Analyzing and sorting images in memory, in addition to looking at duplicate images.
Completely free and does not cost you any additional fees for subscription.
Accelerate the games for a unique experience by improving the performance of the phone.
Protection from viruses and malicious code by removing suspicious tools.
Create new free space on the phone by deleting temporary files.

Software version: 3.5.9
Program size: 31.4 MB
Publisher: Nox Ltd.
Program compatibility: Android 4.4 and later
License: Complimentary

Download Nox Cleaner, an Android cleaning and acceleration application
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