Download OneDrive for PC 2022

OneDrive is one of the leading programs in cloud storage, as installing it on the computer will give you a set of wonderful privileges, including safe storage of files on the Internet to ensure that they are not lost later. The program supports various types of files, including videos, images, documents and compressed files as well.

The application is characterized by ease of use, as it is light on resources and does not consume a large amount of them, so that it can be used on computers with modest specifications as well.

The application is characterized by the highest levels of security as it is based on encrypting transactions so that it does not put the slightest chance for hackers to access the files that you send to your account on the Internet, and your account can be secured through a set of procedures granted by Microsoft.

The cloud storage service has become popular nowadays because of its promising advantages, including preserving files for as long as possible, even in the event of losing them from the hard disk, you will find them stored on your server.

Download OneDrive for PC 2022 Microsoft OneDrive for free

It is worth noting that the files that are stored on the server, you will be able to access them from any computer around the world, a smart phone or electronic boards. All you have to do is enter your account information to log in to be up to date with your files and download them at any time.

The Microsoft OneDrive program gives compatibility with many programs such as Office, which means that you can send documents directly and save them on your account without the need to export them and then upload them only from the program settings. You will be able to do that automatically, which saves you effort.
Features of OneDrive for PC Features Microsoft OneDrive
Save all kinds of files on the storage server.
Automatic scheduling of cloud storage tasks.
Ensure access to files from any computer and phone.
Allows you to share files via mail or other services.
Advanced encryption of all user information and files. 

Information about Microsoft OneDrive for PC
Program size: 46.7 MB
Program compatibility: Windows 7/8/10
License: Complimentary

Download OneDrive for PC

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