Download Opera GX for PC 2022 New Opera GX browser

Download Opera GX 2022 browser to run games for free for PC latest version - Opera GX Offline Installer Free Download

Opera GX browser is a special version of the popular software Opera is designed for gaming browser gamers and others who love to play games on the browser and the browser includes powerful and unique features to help you take full advantage of the advantages of gaming and browsing the Internet.

What are the pros and cons of Opera GX browser?

positivesOpera GX browser is free and supports many languages.
Built-in ad blocker available in the browser
A free vpn is available integrated with the browser to browse the blocked websites in your country without the need to download a plugin or a VPN Software to do this.
GX Control function allows you to limit network traffic, browser RAM and CPU usage
Customizable. The browser is highly customizable: colors, sounds, effects, bookmarks, tabs and more
With Opera Sync, you can sync all your devices

Download Opera GX for PC 2022 New Opera GX browser

Opera GX promotes this software as the world's first gaming browser to integrate Twitch into the sidebar. Thanks to this option, we can easily watch channels and check which broadcasters are currently on the network. You can also turn on notifications for upcoming live broadcasts.

The console is located on the sidebar and should not be a problem for anyone. We simply specify on the slider the percentage of CPU resources that the browser should use. By default, the custom RAM selector attempts to maintain a balance between memory usage and web browsing.

RAM Limiter in Opera GX. Limits browser RAM usage, built-in browser RAM usage limiter
GX Corner - gaming world news and games selection
Compared to Edge, Chrome, and Brave, this browser runs just a few after the many functions it contains.

If you are looking for an alternative to the Opera GX browser, we recommend that you download Google Chrome or Firefox.

Download Opera GX for PC 2022 New Opera GX browser

A browser that allows you to manage your RAM
Opera GX options include GX Control. The RAM limiter it contains allows you to limit how much RAM the browser can use, and the CPU limiter allows you to control the processing power of the processor, which is especially useful when playing different games.

Opera GX is a very popular gaming browser for Microsoft Windows. Opera GX is also equipped with the GX Corner feature, which keeps us up to date on game offers, promotions and the latest news from the gaming world. We will not miss the first offers, so with the Opera GX web browser you do not even need to be careful - all the information from the game world will always be with us.

In addition, Opera GX is integrated with Twitch, which we can easily access in the sidebar. This website window will now appear next to your favorite messenger or social network. By clicking on the window, we will see who is authorized and set up the notifications that suit us.

It is worth noting that the browser has many options that allow you to customize the appearance and operation of the Software to suit your needs. Among them, we can find the GX Design, which will allow you to choose the accent color, animation or themes. We will choose one of the created wallpapers as our browser wallpaper or put our own graphics saved on our computer.

Browser appearance settings In addition, this gaming browser is also equipped with the GX Sound function, with which we will enable special sound effects that will allow you to choose your favorite soundtracks and songs for different occasions. Opera GX has also gained the ability to display currently displayed video content via windows.

Opera GX has the function of connecting to VPN servers, which ensures anonymity while browsing the web. The browser will automatically connect to one of the secure servers, which will hide our site. VPN servers also allow you to bypass many regional obstacles.

In addition, this free gaming browser allows you to block various ad components. Thanks to this, we can use an internet that runs smoothly throughout the game without worrying about constantly popups that can lead to freezing.
Details of downloading the latest Gaming Browser, Opera GX, with a direct link

Version number: Opera GX 80.0.4170.48
License: Free
Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP
Size: 107MB

Download Opera GX for PC

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