Download Process Lasso to improve the speed of the processor

Process Lasso is a well-known application that gives you a great ability to control your computer's resources, especially the capacity of the processor. Through it, you will be able to improve the performance and response of your system to operations in a direct manner, by applying some settings for the Software. Great advanced capabilities.

Through the Process Lasso Software, you will be able to set some restrictions on some applications that you see as excessive consumption of resources, where you can set the priority for some other Softwares in order to get the best performance in them, especially games and video editing Softwares.

The Software for improving the speed of the processor displays a set of statistics and reports, moment by moment, on the Softwares' use of your computer's resources, which means you have a close look at the applications that drain resources to deal with them through the tools provided.

Download Process Lasso to improve the speed of the processor  

Download Process Lasso to improve the speed of the processor

The Software can help get rid of some problems, especially spasms and errors that appear automatically after draining resources and that make your system slow to a large degree, as you can specify some restrictions that Softwares can cope with.

Moreover, this processor speed improvement Software will increase the capabilities of your computer and take advantage of its maximum speed to notice that after you use the computer with the emergence of a vast difference before and after using the application, and you can also manage processes and stop tasks that you do not need in the Windows system and set priorities for resource consumption For some of the apps you use the most.

Process Lasso Features

Help directly improve the performance and operation of your system.
View special reports on resource consumption.
You can apply some priorities to the Softwares you use.
Get rid of the problems of irritations and spasms while using your computer.
Get the best possible performance from the processor and RAM.

Program size: 2.20 MB
Publisher: Bitsum.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

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