Download Script Editor 2022 RJ TextEd for PC

RJ TextEd is a Software that simplifies and facilitates the process of editing text and files written in multiple Softwareming languages, which include scripts, plugins, as well as templates. Great in no time.

One of the great features of the application is its support for various types of Softwareming languages, including HTML and PHP, as well as CSS3 formatting codes.

The application contains a special browser that allows you to preview the results of the editing operations that you have made in the event that you are based on designing the interfaces of websites, which makes you see the results of your work, moment by moment, and if you are finished, the file can be exported to the hard drive to transfer it on your site.

Download Script Editor 2022 RJ TextEd for PC

Download Script Editor 2022 RJ TextEd for PC

The Software also supports the auto-complete feature of the codes that you enter in the file, and this is also a great feature and is compatible in the process with all old and modern Softwareming languages ​​alike.

RJ TextEd script and script editor comes with an FTP client and makes downloading scripts very simple as you can sync the files to the server to see the results of your editing work in the real world.
Characteristics of the Script Editor and Scripts Features RJ TextEd
Perfect organization of the code in the file.
Supports various multiple languages ​​such as PHP and HTML.
Useful in modifying scripts and plugins.
Coloring the values, closing and opening operations in the code.
Auto-complete feature for scripts.
FT client supports instant file synchronization.

Software version: 15.53
Program size: 28.7 MB
Publisher: Rickard Johansson.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

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Download RJ TextEd Script Editor 

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