Download Signal 2022 for PC for free

Signal has witnessed a great deal recently, as it is one of the powerful programs in the field of communication applications and offers several security features that make the user comfortable with threats and privacy violations. Signal protects and encrypts messages that are sent and received, and the program does not use users’ data in any way. And now the chief security expert advises using it in the field of direct communication between individuals and institutions. The program is available for many systems, including Windows, Android and iOS.

The program works to provide the possibility of making audio and video calls with all users who have this application installed in their devices and works similar to communication programs using the phone numbers listed in the contacts and any friend or family member can be added to make a conversation with him directly by adding his phone number, and from Its powerful features are that it provides high quality in the communications you make, which includes voice and video calls anywhere, regardless of your connection type.

Download Signal 2022 for PC for free

Download Signal 2022 for PC for free

Through the Signal program, you can also send digital documents and photos to the users you are chatting with with full encryption of the files that you exchange. This is the work of private secret groups quickly, and you can invite all users you want to join and interact through text messages or file sharing.
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If you do not have a personal account on the Signal service, you can create one through a few simple steps and you will not need to enter a password, username or even an email. All you have to do is enter your phone number and you will receive a confirmation message directly on your phone that includes a code that you must include In the application, you will create your own personal account, then you can customize your profile by adding a personal photo and some other descriptive information about you.

Make audio and video calls with friends around the world.
Ensures high security and strong encryption of messages and information.
You can create a private group that you invite users to.
User information is not used and the application does not include any ads.
Allows you to send and receive photos, videos, and documents.
Verify identity and create accounts through the phone number.
Information about the Signal chat program

Software version: 5.45.1
Program size: 117 MB
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary


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