Download SlimBrowser for PC 2022 latest version

SlimBrowser is a fast browser for the world's famous websites, as it relies on a set of technologies that guarantee it superiority in speed while browsing the Internet. The application guarantees a lot of privacy for its users as it protects their personal information to be away from prying eyes. Your browsing data to be able to delete all cookies with the push of a button.

The Slim Browser can be used to download files such as videos, applications and games from the Internet at high speed and save the data directly to the hard disk or any other path, for example, storage media.

It is worth noting that the browser prevents you from annoying ads that may involve multiple security risks and negatively affect your browsing experience, as Slim Prauser works to block them automatically without your intervention while informing you of the blocked pop-ups.

Download SlimBrowser for PC 2022 latest version

This fast web browser contains some additional tools, including a tool to download videos from web pages, where you can click on the download button that will appear on the video page so that you can then save the clip on your computer and watch it later.

Download SlimBrowser for PC 2022 latest version

Among the other tools included is a tool for accessing social networking sites, most notably Facebook, so that you can easily browse the social network through the designated icon without the need to write the website link, and there is also a weather tool to display the weather in your city directly on the program window.
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Features of SlimBrowser Features SlimBrowser
Quick browsing of various global websites.
Supports various configuration codes for pages.
A special tool for downloading files at high speed.
View the weather of your city through the browser window.
The feature of downloading videos and movies from websites.

Program size: 50.20 MB
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

Download 32 bit
Download 64 bit

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