Download Software for making slideshows 2022 PhotoStage Slideshow

A number of users are looking for applications that allow them to make slide shows from images, and the application that we will review for you will fulfill the purpose and more than that, it is the Photo Slideshow application, which gives you wide powers to control the slide shows you want, where you can adjust many features, including determining the time period for the transition and setting The combination of graphics that you want to combine with leading capabilities makes it the number one application in the field.

The application allows you to add background music that plays with the slide show to provide an enjoyable viewing. The audio file can be downloaded from the Internet or transferred from the CD, and you can set multiple files if you have a lengthy slideshow. In addition, you can add some effects such as fading on the audio clips that you play. By adding it, on top of that, the audio can be captured from the microphone and integrated into the app in a very easy way.

Download Software for making slideshows 2022 PhotoStage Slideshow

Download Software for making slideshows from photos 2022 PhotoStage Slideshow

Photo Slideshow gives you some other privileges, including image enhancement, where you can make some simple adjustments, such as adjusting brightness and lighting, sharpening colors, with the ability to add some phrases to the image, and control the size and type of font used. It is also possible to insert video clips and use them in the presentation.

The Software helps you celebrate various occasions such as birthdays, a wedding, or a trip to a specific place and you want to see your captured photos in a beautiful way. You can burn the presentation on CDs and DVDs, and you can also transfer it to your mobile phone and watch it At any time, or even upload it to YouTube or Dailymotion, it supports exporting in supported video formats such as AVI, MP4, MOV, and it can also export in GIF format.

Features of PhotoStage Slideshow

Views can be customized for the added images.
Supports adding selected phrases to graphics.
Useful for celebrating occasions such as birthdays.
It offers some editing features like crop and rotate.
Improve quality by adjusting lighting and colors.
The ability to add your favorite music clip.
Export the slideshow as a video on your computer.
Supports the use of some sound effects.

Program size: 3.3 MB
Publisher: NCH ​​Software.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

Download for PC

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