Download Software to Speed up the Computer 2022 Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a free program that offers a wide list of powerful features that improve the efficiency of the system and make it run smoothly. It fixes outstanding problems in Windows, especially those in the registry, and cleans it of missing and redundant records that can negatively affect the The efficiency of this vital part of the Windows system, and the program also offers a cleaning feature that is based on removing redundant files inside the hard disk in order to save and create storage space and solve memory-related problems. Temporary files, remnants of applications and other files that have no role and may be outdated are targeted.

Moreover, the Glary Utilities program offers other features, including the property of repairing corrupted shortcuts in the Windows system, which may have a negative role in the performance of the system and may be the cause of a large number of problems and error messages that appear annoyingly in the interface of use, and the application also provides an acceleration feature Boot Windows by stopping the work of unnecessary applications in the system, which run automatically every time you start the Windows system, and all the large number of them, the slower the loading speed of Windows.

Download Software to Speed up the Computer 2022 Glary Utilities

Other additional tools provided by the Glary Utilities program related to system maintenance, including defragmenting the registry, and according to this feature, you will rearrange and organize the entries in the Windows registry to make access to them very smooth, and this is what you will notice after the process so that your system works at high speed without problems, In addition to the maintenance tools we mentioned, there is a privacy protection tool, where the latter deletes all traces of users, including those on web browsers, in addition to the permanent deletion of sensitive files so that no one can recover them.
Features of the program to clean and speed up the computer Features Glary Utilities
Manage programs that automatically boot up with Windows startup.
Defragment the registry to improve computer performance.
Protect privacy by deleting all user traces.
A tool to permanently delete files and ensure that they are not recovered.
Remove the extra files accumulated in the hard disk.
Permanently uninstall applications and games from the system.
The feature of finding duplicate files and folders on the hard drive.
Information about the program to clean and speed up the computer Glary Utilities

Software version:
Program size: 19.6 MB
Program compatibility: Windows 7/8/10
License: Complimentary

Download the program to clean and speed up the computer, Download Glary Utilities
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