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VideoPad is one of the powerful programs in the field of montage, which is a suitable option for the beginners category, given its simplified and easy-to-use interface that does not require much effort to be able to and take advantage of the wonderful capabilities available. The application offers promising options in editing, the most prominent of which remains the integration of Clips in a professional way by dragging and dropping media from different sources and inserting them into the timeline, which guarantees you full control over the main scenes.

The program comes armed with a variety of effects and filters that can add a beautiful touch to your videos and can be previewed before the video is brought into existence. In making home and family videos that contain pictures with your favorite music that you downloaded from the Internet, and you can rely on a set of transitional effects to separate media images and videos, and the features do not stop at this point, but there are also special tools to add your favorite text phrases such as titles and quotes, and VideoPad gives you control Complete with text properties such as changing its color, size and position relative to the video.

Download the video installation program 2022 VideoPad for PC

Other powerful features include the optimization feature that helps in the correct adjustment of colors, brightness and contrast, and can be set manually to make videos brighter and brighter than before, and also fix the problem of poor lighting. Besides, you can control the speed of clips by speeding up or slowing them down, and fast and slow effects can be made to watch Snapshots the way you want, the application can be used in a number of areas, including the personal area, for example, publishing modified videos on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram, and another area is publishing clips on YouTube channels, which, as is known, provides a fee for views through advertisements that They are included in the video automatically or manually.
Features of the video montage program Features VideoPad
Add and install a group of images on the video in a professional way.
It contains an extensive list of filters that optimize clips.
Supports importing all kinds of media (videos, images, and audios).
You can create a short home movie by merging photos and videos.
Adjust colors, brightness, and brightness to show the video better.
You can speed up or slow down the display of video clips.
Insert text phrases with full control over text size and position.

Software version: 11.69
Program size: 5.7 MB
Program compatibility: Windows 7/8.1/10
License: Trial


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