Download WavePad Sound Editor 2022 for PC

WavePad Sound Editor is a powerful Software that many users rely on who want to modify the audio and perform multiple operations on the audio. You can also record audio with it in high quality and purity and perform processing operations during recording so that it excludes external sounds and adjusts the recording without distortion or annoying noise. The application deals With various popular sound cards, it is also compatible with DirectX in the process of audio processing and improving the quality of recorded audio clips.

Various known modification operations can be done, such as cutting unwanted parts of the clip, copying and pasting any part you want, and the ability to install most of the clips you want on the audio. The application is compatible with all types of audio files MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA.

Download WavePad Sound Editor 2022 for PC

Moreover, the sound can be controlled by raising or lowering its levels. It will also enable you to reduce noise and noise, in addition to applying the silence mode in one of the parts you want, and it can also be used to create audio tones by cutting a part of the music.

Download WavePad Sound Editor 2022 for PC

The application contains a wide range of effects that can be used to improve the sound quality, including echo, fade, compression effect, in addition to completely manipulating the sound of the clip, and this also allows the possibility of combining audio recordings with music to produce your own audio file.

WavePad Sound Editor supports a lot of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to perform multiple editing tasks from the keyboard, which saves you a lot of effort, and you can use the drag and drop feature to add the desired files to the interface smoothly.

The additional features include converting texts to audio by typing or copying the text and it will cost you to convert it into an audio file with high professionalism. You can also change the sound and make it smooth or coarse as desired, especially that the Software consumes a small amount of resources and does not affect the performance of the system significantly.

It is also characterized by the speed of performing the multi-tasking you command. In the end, what can be said is that WavePad is one of the wonderful Softwares that we highly recommend for various audio modifications. 

WavePad Sound Editor Features

The possibility of converting written texts into digital audio.
The manipulation of sound through a set of operations.
Possibility to produce your own clip by incorporating audio.
It provides a wide range of effects that can be used.
Supports keyboard shortcuts to perform operations smoothly.
You can record audio from the microphone without having to use other software.
Provides editing features such as crop, clone, and merge.
It allows you to share audios on social networking sites.
Professionally remove distortion and noise from acoustics.
It is also used to create ringtones by cutting music. 

Software version: 16.46
Program size: 2.5 MB
Publisher: NCH ​​Software.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

Download WavePad Sound Editor

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