Download Windows 360 Total Security for PC 2022

360 Total Security is one of the powerful Softwares in the field of Windows protection and anti-virus. It guarantees reliable protection and covers all weaknesses that viruses and malware can exploit to damage the system, cause privacy violations, sabotage Windows processes and slow down the system. After the installation process, you can perform a scan Comprehensive detection of various types of malicious files and work to remove them.

Regular and continuous check up

This antivirus for Windows performs several system checks immediately after trying to copy or download a file from the Internet to ensure that there are no security threats.
Strong File Protection

The application prevents any attacks targeting your personal files in particular and neutralizes the dangers that may cause the loss of your important and vital files such as photos and documents.

Download Windows 360 Total Security for PC 2022

Download Windows 360 Total Security for PC 2022
online protection

While browsing websites, 360 Total Security analyzes all the Softwareming codes of web pages, and in the event of any abnormal activity, you will be notified and the site is blocked.
protection while shopping

In the event that you are one of the users who buy from the Internet and are afraid that your bank accounts used for the purchase will be hacked, this application will provide you with a helping hand as it encrypts all information.
computer cleaning

In addition to the security features available in the Software, the latter offers you the feature of cleaning your computer from excess files so that you can restore the lightness of your system and perform better operations at the system level.

Information about Windows 360 Total Security Antivirus

Software version:
Program size: 87.8 MB
Publisher: Beijing Qihu Keji Co., Ltd. Ltd.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free version

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