Download Zoom for conference calls 2022 Zoom for PC

Zoom Software is one of the best Softwares specialized in holding direct meetings via the Internet as well as giving lectures online, and the latter remains the best solution adopted by a wide segment of users due to the great communicative atmosphere it provides.

Zoom remains safe to use and repels security threats, making it a strategic choice in the field of remote communication while maintaining the privacy of online meetings.

In addition, the application encrypts contact information and calls, which makes access to them highly unlikely. We note that the approved encryption is the strongest ever, and the room can be protected using a password so that you do not leave it open to the public, and this may be due to the sensitivity of the meetings you make.

The application is widely used by educational frameworks, as it will help them in giving lessons and exchanging discussions on various topics, as is the case with practical meetings inside or outside the company.

Download Zoom for conference calls 2022 Download Zoom for PC

The Software guarantees obtaining the highest possible quality, whether in sound or image, which gives a lot of interaction and obtains a very clear picture, and it is worth noting that the Software is available for many devices, including iPhone and Android phones.

The Zoom Software for conference calls allows sharing the presentation of some documents during instant communication by viewing the screen and playing a PowerPoint file, for example, or Word files and others, and the sound can be muted in order to avoid echo and confusion during the process.

Features of the Zoom

High-quality video calls between call participants.
Great ease in joining and creating rooms.
Possibility to protect joining the room with a password.
There are many versions of the application for multiple systems.
Windows screen sharing feature with room participants.

Program size: 18.3 MB
Program compatibility: Windows 7/8/10
License: Complimentary

Download Zoom

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