GIMP 2022 Free Photo Editing Program for PC

GIMP is one of the free programs that provides the user with well-known tools in the field of image editing and processing, which is very popular around the world and has been used by millions and found in it the appropriate program for modifying and designing graphics. The application in general, and the program works stably and steadily in compatibility with different versions of Windows.

Through this program, you can install images by merging more than one image into one image and changing the backgrounds because it supports the layering system. It contains a large number of different ones. You can also control the brightness, contrast, and degree of colors, in addition to the possibility of writing on images with different fonts.

GIMP 2022 Free Photo Editing Program for PC

GIMP is a multi-use program that can be used to modify personal and family photos before publishing them on social networking sites, Facebook and Instagram, and extends to the manufacture of logos and logos, as it provides advanced drawing tools such as brushes and coloring tools with a very impressive gradient in addition to its availability on a number of symbols Ready-made, it can also be used to remove unwanted objects from the image that bear a specific color.

Moreover, it includes great features, including converting between different image formats, as it deals with most of them. Using GIMP, you can create animated GIF images quite easily, and users can modify their images without the need for much experience in design, and it can be used by professionals and amateurs, this program is a free solution And a suitable alternative to Photoshop, which requires paying additional fees, in the end I would like to point out an important point, which is that you can enjoy editing your own images easily with the presence of many tools in your hands that you can use without limits.

GIMP 2022 Free Photo Editing Program for PC

Features of GIMP Photo Editing Software

Editing of various types of digital image formats.
Remove unwanted stuff from graphics.
Layer system that allows you to modify each layer individually.
Improve the overall appearance of the images by adjusting the colors, brightness and contrast.
The drawing board provides all the possibilities for creating drawings from start to finish.
Change backgrounds for different images that contain backgrounds of fixed colors.
Lightweight on Windows so that it consumes a limited amount of resources.
Writing on photos with beautiful fonts with control of the position and size of the text.
It works with different versions of Windows 7/8/10.
It's completely free so you don't have to pay costs or fees.
Information about the GIMP image editing program

Software version: 2.10.32
Program size: 253 MB
Publisher: The GIMP Team.
Program compatibility: Windows XP/7/8/10
License: Complimentary


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