Hard disk maintenance Software 2022 Ashampoo HDD Control latest version

Ashampoo HDD Control is one of the professional applications in the field of maintenance of the Windows system and repair of hard disk problems. It reflects positively on the work of Windows and its implementation of the processes that you request.

The application works on a permanent basis to analyze all the parts of the hard disk and determines the general condition of it and accordingly allocates tasks that will positively return to the level of the hard disk and enhance its efficiency.

It also issues some alerts in the event of abnormal hard disk activity, which means that it can be dealt with immediately before problems occur that may hinder its operation later.

Ashampoo HDD Control has an elegant graphical interface that is easy for beginners, which means that there is no difficulty in navigating between the tools provided and taking full advantage of the features offered.

Hard disk maintenance Software 2022 Ashampoo HDD Control latest version

This application provides a tool for the final deletion of sensitive files so that you will be able to get rid of them completely without the possibility of recovery with the availability of the Undeleter tool to recover accidentally deleted files, in addition to that you can identify duplicate files stored on the hard disk and delete them directly to save storage memory for the hard disk.
Information about Ashampoo HDD Control is a hard disk maintenance and monitoring Software

Software version: 3.20.00
Program size: 17.1 MB
Publisher: Ashampoo GmbH.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: experimental copy

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