Download Real Player 2022 for free for PC

 Real Player is one of the distinguished and famous Softwares. The actual start of the Software dates back to April 1995 and since that time it has been on the throne of media Softwares in the software market, where it is the best ever. It can play many formats such as videos, movies and audio files in all their formats, and there are formats that are unique to Real Player to play, for example For example, RMVB, RM and supports many other well-known formats, as well as playing CDs and DVDs to watch movies and videos in high quality. This application includes a set of other functions of playing live broadcasts of satellite channels in addition to listening to various radio stations, the development of the Real application Player is very much with successive releases, as it supports downloading files from the Internet directly. After installing the Software, you will see a download button above the video.

Download Real Player 2022 for free for PC

Download Real Player 2022 for free for PC Real Player

The Software is used by a wide category of computer users and they depend on it to play all media files, as it has many successes at the global level because it was launched at a time when there were shortcomings in media Softwares. Real Player provided many functions and was the main competitor to Windows Media Player With the development of time, the Software has many new functions such as downloading and converting formats such as video and audio files. It also supports the possibility of burning files on CD/DVD discs. With this option, you can create a music disc or burn an entire movie on discs. It is enough to have a disc reader in your device. Your computer supports the possibility of burning, and this option absolves you from searching and installing disc burning Softwares. Real Player deals with various qualities such as 4k / Full HD, meaning that you will not find it in playing high-quality videos.

RealPlayer Features

Play all quality, including 4K/FullHD.
The ability to convert videos and audio files very quickly.
Download the video from websites by clicking on the Download button that will appear at the top of the video.
Full compatibility with various versions of Windows, including Windows 10.
The ability to burn media files to CD/DVD discs with ease.
It does not take up a lot of computer resources and works even with devices with modest requirements.
Support a large number of formats for movies and videos on your computer.
The ability to transfer and import media files to flash disk or memory cards.
Real Player makes it easy to organize photos and videos on phones paired with a computer.
The Trim tool in Real Player allows you to cut videos very easily.

Program size: 1.07 MB
Publisher: Real.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

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