Zoner Photo Studio X 2022 Photo Viewing and Editing Software

Zoner Photo Studio X is a free Software that offers a wide range of functions and features that help you edit your digital photos on your computer and supports importing files from various sources, among other uses of this application is the ability to display photos in professional ways as it allows you to view all existing files In the hard disk and storage media that is connected to your device, it deals with all formats including PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF and many other extensions.

Editing features include the ability to adjust graphics colors, contrast, brightness, black and white tone, and control shadows. It provides a wide range of filters and effects that users can use to enhance the appearance of digital photos.

The Software has great tools for dealing with personal and family photos, including a tool to remove the red-eye problem that results from poor lighting at night and the use of flash, and you can also remove some defects from faces such as freckles and annoying grains that appear in the captured photos.

Zoner Photo Studio X 2022 Photo Viewing and Editing Software for PC

Zoner Photo Studio X 2022 Photo Viewing and Editing Software for PC

Zoner Photo Studio X also provides the ability to add watermarks to images in order to preserve the rights of your site or your own blog, and you can control the contrast level of the mark and change its position on the right or at the top and in the various directions available.

Moreover, you can organize your photos into multiple categories, where you can divide them into sections regardless of their number, hundreds or even thousands, and you can add keywords to images and add descriptions to organize your library and to facilitate access to it later using the filter feature.

The Software is directed especially for beginners in the world of editing because it provides its advantages within an easy-to-use graphic interface. The user will not find it difficult to adapt to it and organize his photos in addition to a set of modifications that he can make, and the application includes the features of publishing directly on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter And others. You can also save files on cloud services, OneDrive and Google Drive, to access them from any device around the world. In the end, the Software is powerful and offers multiple and powerful features that help you manage your library in a very smooth way. 

Characteristics of the Software for viewing and modifying images Features Zoner Photo Studio
Manage your photo library by organizing it in more than one way. 

Review all types of graphics on the hard disk.
The ability to add watermarks in order to preserve the rights of your site.
Adjust brightness, brightness, contrast, and black and white color.
Thanks to the auto-enhance feature, you will be able to improve the quality of your photos.
Fix some problems, such as the red-eye problem caused by the use of flash.
You can share photos on social networking sites such as Facebook.
Supports uploading graphics to cloud storage services, OneDrive, and others.
Dealing with various types of formats JPG, PNG, BMP .GIF and others. 

Information about Zoner Photo Studio

Software version: 19.2203.2.381
Program size: 366 KB
Publisher: ZONER, Inc.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

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