Ashampoo Uninstaller 2022 for PC

Ashampoo UnInstaller is one of the smart options for uninstalling annoying and intractable applications and tools, as it guarantees you to completely get rid of applications professionally and seriously, as it removes all temporary data that it generated on the hard disk for a period of time, as well as the entries for the Softwares to be removed in the registry.

This Ashampoo Software is also characterized by its high speed so that you can select the installed applications and click on the uninstall button to have the Software complete the process in a short time. The Software also has some useful options from the option of managing add-ons, and the latter will allow you to remove installed tools that are a direct source for the appearance of annoying ads.

Ashampoo Uninstaller 2022 for PC

Ashampoo Uninstaller 2022 for PC

Ashampoo UnInstaller gives complete information about the installed applications, including the current version, the approximate size of the Software or game, and other useful information that is important to users. The Software can directly help improve system performance by removing the burden and applications installed on the Windows system in a very advanced way that ensures that no No traces of the application on Windows.
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In addition, the application gives you some security information about the installed applications that you want to install to check whether they involve security risks or not, as well as a display of the Softwares that have been installed recently in the main interface of the application.

Features of Ashampoo Uninstaller

Uninstall applications and games from their roots.
Helps you to speed up the work of Windows and its performance.
Check all installed Softwares to make sure there are no threats.
View information about applications and tools installed on your computer.
The ability to review tools and add-ons installed on browsers.
A suitable solution for applications that have had difficulty removing them.

Information about Ashampoo Uninstaller

Software version: 11.00.14
Program size: 23.4 MB
Publisher: Ashampoo.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Trial

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