Download CCleaner Browser 2022 for Windows for free

CCleaner Browser is a powerful and fast browser that offers its users a wide range of great features in browsing multiple web pages such as news sites, social networks, and all the countless other sites.

The browser guarantees great privacy for its users based on the use of a range of technologies in this direction, including encrypting all your information and preventing it from being tracked or obtained by websites.

The Software has the feature to delete all browsing traces that are generated, which include cookie data, browsing history, as well as passwords that have been saved on the browser, and this means enhancing privacy protection.

Download CCleaner Browser 2022 for Windows for free

CCleaner browser is also based on blocking all websites that carry real security risks to users by analyzing them in advance before downloading them completely, which enhances the chances of removing the security risk involved in browsing websites.

Download CCleaner Browser 2022 for Windows for free

In addition, it offers HTTPS Encryption, and its role is to encrypt all the sites you browse by default, which keeps the chances of spying on you using some methods highly unlikely.

The Webcam Guard feature that stops all applications, websites and any malware from accessing your webcam without your consent, which means that the chances of running it invisibly are neutralized.
Features CCleaner Browser
Quick access and coordinated display of all websites.
Protect your webcam from running without your permission.
Delete all data stored on the browser with the push of a button.
Prevent websites from accessing your private information.
The ability to block all unwanted add-ons from the browser.
Automatic blocking of malicious websites that contain malicious code.

Information about CCleaner Browser

Software version: 102.0.16817.65
Program size: 1.06 MB
Publisher: Piriform Software.
Program compatibility: Windows 7/8/10
License: Complimentary

Download CCleaner Browser

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