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One of the most famous and largest group games that have spread on Android devices and other smart devices such as iPhone and others.

We add to it an exclusive version, which is the computer version.

Clash of Clans is a team game that relies on the spirit of cooperation between the clan members to fight the enemy clans and unite the ranks to win in the end over other clans and raiders.

Build your village with more than 18 different units with the possibility of arranging and upgrading them for better performance. Each building that you will build in your village has a role, such as the building of extracting soldiers and weapons and other important buildings.

Build your army and extract strong warriors from Berbers, archers, dragons, riding animals and powerful fighters. Build defenses to deter raiders from enemies.

Defend your village by building forts, defensive towers, mortars, traps, and other weapons and defensive equipment. And entering into powerful clans similar to the group system
Get support and defensive reinforcements in case of war from your clan friends.

Play with more than 500 million players online and collaborate with your clansmen to gain support and dear ones and help them defeat the enemies.

The game is completely free, you can download it and start playing it immediately for free. However, it contains some things that you can buy with real money.The game is very popular. And this is not for nothing, as it is one of the most powerful and famous collective strategy war games that include millions of players around the world. Together, a great control system. and gameplay strategy
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Download Clash of Clans for PC Android iPhone 2023

Download Clash of Clans for PC Android iPhone 2022

Download Clash of Clans and start playing now with your friends online. The most powerful strategic war games online.. The game has 3D graphics in bright colors and cheerful cartoons.
Clash of clans features review Easy and simple gameplay that depends on intelligence and the implementation of war strategies to overcome opponents
Join a clan and fight in clan wars to get great rewards
Daily and weekly challenges and events with great gifts
Manage time smartly to develop your village
Join the league and collect trophies to raise the level of the league
Design your defenses and walls in a way that helps you stand up to invaders and protect your resources from looting
An advanced strategic attack that needs good planning and exploitation of combat units and heroes to win over opponents
A fair competition system between players, even those who buy gems will only be able to beat you with intelligence and use appropriate strategies to carry out attacks

10 Clash of Clans tips for beginners – The most important secrets of the game Upgrade your defenses and build and design walls around your city base that will be targeted, also upgrade the soldiers' barracks
Collecting gems at the beginning of the game is easy, but beware of spending gems because they are very important (the only way to get construction workers)
Before extracting soldiers from the barracks to start an attack, select the attack type (plunder attack to get resources/sweep attack to get trophy)
Resource looting attack: It should be a cheap army that doesn't consume a lot of resources
Trophy Attack: It must be a solid and complete army to carry out a 100% survey of opponents.
Before closing the game, for example to go to sleep - spend all resources - choose +12 hour buildings to upgrade to keep your resources from being looted
The best way to collect resources is to loot players, not upgrade buildings to extract resources
Join a strong alliance from the beginning, this is important because you will get stronger soldiers reinforcements from large players. These reinforcements in the few levels are very effective in attack and defense
Focus on developing storage, you will get a lot of free resources from missions and many buildings will need more resources, allowing you to store so focus on developing storage from the beginning
Focus on upgrading the barracks of the soldiers to unlock more powerful battlefield soldiers, in addition to developing the research lab and developing your army as much as possible. This is the magic key to winning battles and giving you an advantage over your opponents.
Design by yourself and make the design random and place the traps randomly, do not copy the building plans or designs because most of these designs, no matter how complex you are, are easy for many players to know the strategy to overcome this design in the attack
Advice for those who want to buy gems (never buy unless there are important events that give a lot of advantages) 

Publisher / Developer Supercell
License Free / Free (with in-app store availability)
age rating +12 years where one of the conditions of use is that the subscriber must be over 12 years old.
item Strategy war / military planning / construction games / time management games
The operating system PC / Laptop - Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Android devices: Android 5.0 or higher
Apple devices: iPhone / iPad / iPod - iOS 11.0 or above
the size Windows (PC / Laptop): 180 MB
Android: 198 MB
iOS: 396.5 MB
Type Download games / war / online games / Android games

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