Download EaseUS Data Recovery 2023 for PC

EaseUS Data Recovery is a highly effective method in the process of recovering deleted files from the hard drive, flash drives and memory cards. It deals with all types of file systems NTFS, FAT, FAT32, and others. The application performs a thorough examination of the part that you selected earlier and provides the possibility of a normal and deep search It will display a number of recoverable files such as photos, videos, documents and also archive files.

One of the problems that the user faces is deleting data in various ways, most of the time unintentionally, or there is a virus that has damaged it, and this is what makes you look for such applications, and for this we offer you one of the best possible solutions. The beautiful thing about this Software is that you can recover data even if you Formatting process and forgot to move it to another place, and other features is the possibility of restoring damaged, missing or unformatted partitions that do not appear to you in the system.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery 2023 for PC

Download EaseUS Data Recovery 2022 for PC

It is worth noting that the Software provides the ability to filter the results that are reached and this ensures that you have quick access to the selected files that you can classify by type, size or date. It may take a long time at times, especially the deep search, the Software enables you to preview and playback the data to ensure that it is restored correctly.

Moreover, the Software comes with a graphical interface furnished with a set of vital functions that are beautifully organized so that the user does not find it difficult to take advantage of the features it offers. With unique features, to sum up, EaseUS Data Recovery is among the best solutions in recovering files from hard drive and storage media, and it is characterized by its strength and high efficiency.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery 2022 for PC

EaseUS Data Recovery Features

Recover various types of lost data such as photos, documents, etc.
Dealing with hard disk and storage media such as flash disk.
The ability to filter the search results after the scan to easily access the files.
Export and import the results to dispense with the examination process the next time.
Preview the found files to make sure of their quality.
It comes with an elegant graphical interface in which all the functions are beautifully organized.
The property of recovering damaged and corrupted partitions that does not appear.

Information about EaseUS Data Recovery

Software version: 15.2.0
Program size: 52.8 MB
Publisher: Ease.
Program compatibility: Windows 7/8/10
License: Complimentary

Download EaseUS Data Recovery

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