Download Fotor Photo Editor 2022 for PC

Fotor Photo Editor is a free Software that provides distinguished services in the field of editing digital images, where you can add effects and contains a large number of them, as you can rotate the image in all directions. It includes a set of your drawings that you captured with the phone's camera, as the Software supports importing files from various types of available sources.

This great tool provides revolutionary improvements to your photos and has great functions including controlling the degree of color, brightness, saturation and contrast, and it is worth noting that the application has automatic optimization tools that work on algorithms that provide fixes and improvements to your photos, you can also add different frames To improve the overall appearance of your digital photos, it contains a large number of them that can be used with ease with very flexible control of their size.

Download Fotor Photo Editor 2022 for PC

Fotor Photo Editor offers additional advantages, including writing on your photos, and you can enter texts with beautiful fonts with controlling the position, size and contrast level of the text. You can also add a focus effect on specific parts of the image to make it more professional and you can control the effect to the farthest limits It is possible, and the application has options to improve personal photos, including repairing defects and removing freckles, in addition to polishing the face and making it more bright.

The Software saves all the changes you make to your private photos so that you can undo any change you made that you did not like. Moreover, you can compare the original image with the modified image to show the difference between them. Futur comes with an elegant and easy-to-use graphical interface that you do not need to have experience in The field of photo editing, and hobbyists and professionals can access all the provided functions quite easily and with minimal effort. The application works with various versions of Windows and takes a modest amount of resources.

Download Fotor Photo Editor 2022 for PC

Features of Selfie Photo Editor

Apply many cool effects to photos to make them attractive.
Save all the modifications you make with the ability to undo any modification.
The possibility of making a collage by including a group of images side by side.
Multiple features to beautify personal photos and remove freckles and blemishes.
Supports importing various types of JPG, PNG and BMP graphics formats.
Add various frames to your photos to improve their appearance.
It's completely free so you don't have to pay extra fees.
Easy to use, it is geared towards beginners and professionals alike.

Information about Fotor Photo Editor

Software version: 4.3.7
Program size: 462 MB
Developer: Everimaging Limited.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free version

Download Fotor Photo Editor
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