Download Foxit Reader 2023 Foxit Reader for PC

Foxit Reader is one of the most famous Softwares in the arena, as it is widely popular around the world and is used by millions to open magazines and digital books available in PDF format. Lots of rendering with keyboard shortcuts many of which are supported, and you can print files to paper with many customizing options available.

Foxit Reader provides great advantages, including the quick search feature that provides you with access to specific parts of the text without having to browse all the pages, where they are sometimes hundreds, and also provides the ability to copy texts from the document and paste them on other editing Softwares.

Moreover, the Software can be used to fill out forms quite easily by filling in empty fields such as your name and address in addition to your phone number, and this saves you a lot of effort compared to printing it on paper and filling it in manually.

Download Foxit Reader 2023 Foxit Reader for PC

Download Foxit Reader 2022 Foxit Reader for PC

The Software also has the ability to add signatures to documents in a very smooth way, and also allows files to be protected using a very strong password that makes it difficult for anyone to distort the information that you saved effort in writing, and you can also add watermarks to save rights.

Other advantages include the ability to convert files from multiple formats such as Word and HTML to PDF files easily because this format is widely used in the virtual world and almost all users have a PDF player on their computers.

In addition, Foxit Reader supports the creation of documents by writing texts, inserting images and various graphics, in addition to making sub-headings and main content that serve to present it to the reader. During which PDF creation, in short, Foxit Reader is a powerful Software that provides all the tools the user needs to view and create PDF smoothly.

Foxit Reader Features

Open various digital documents such as books and magazines.
You can fill out various forms by adding your own information.
Allows you to create books with multiple texts and images.
It offers great viewing options including full screen and split document.
It is very light on the computer so it consumes a small amount of resources.
Insert comments on PDF digital documents.
You can convert Word and Excel files to PDF files.
Supports cloud storage features in uploading data.
Information about Foxit Reader Foxit Reader

Software version:
Program size: 190 MB
Publisher: Foxit Software Inc.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

Download Foxit Reader

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