Download GOM Player 2022 for PC for free

GOM Player is a multimedia player for videos, audio and movies. The Software can play various types of extensions MP4, FLV, MP3, OGG, and others. This Software meets the various needs of users in supporting media files located in the hard disk or flash disk storage media and CDs, the application does not need to Install an assistant codec where you don't need it, it comes integrated with GOM Player and the Software is widely popular around the world, where it has been used by millions.

Through your use of the Software, you will find in front of you many different tools and functions that help you control audio and video clips, such as the process of repeating and controlling the display screen by making it larger or smaller according to your desire. It provides easy handling of media files, and the Software supports FHD/4K high-quality videos and movies.

Download GOM Player 2022 for PC for free

Download GOM Player 2022 for PC for free

The GOM Player Software offers other features, including the feature of capturing video clips and saving them to the hard disk, in addition to controlling the clip’s speed by slowing it down or accelerating it. With regard to subtitles for movies, you can download them automatically from the Internet through the application. You can also control the size and color of the text easily, and it is worth It is worth mentioning that the Software offers advanced features to control the quality of the video by applying a range of effects available for use.

Moreover, the Software comes with an elegant graphical interface that makes it easier for users to seamlessly transition between various functions. New patterns can be downloaded in case you do not like the main shape. The user can download the extensions and install them on the Software to take advantage of other features, including the format converter function that helps you convert unknown formats To other formats supported by your device, the bottom line is that GOM Player is one of the distinguished Softwares that help users to play various media with high efficiency.

Download GOM Player 2022 for PC for free

GOM Player Features

Supporting various types of media files, videos, audio and movies.
Play media from the Internet using a direct link to the file.
An integrated codec that allows reading all types of common formats.
Take pictures from the video or movie you are playing.
Use keyboard shortcuts to control clips.
A graphical interface full of various options with promising capabilities.
Possibility to install some add-ons to improve playback quality.
Apply some effects and filters to videos and movies.

Information about GOM Player

Software version:
Program size: 29.1 MB
Publisher: GOM & COMPANY.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

Download GOM Player

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