Download JRiver Media Center 2022 for PC

JRiver Media Center is a distinct player that has achieved wide popularity by users, as it was able to harvest it in a short time and is currently used by millions around the world in playing audio, video files, movies, etc., and it is characterized by a relatively easy-to-use graphical interface that supports a smooth transition between the provided functions and displays virtual controls such as Bypassing the clip, increasing and decreasing the volume, in addition to accelerating the clip, and the keyboard can be used to control multiple playback operations.

The Software comes with an integrated codec that helps to run various types of formats without exception, which eliminates the need for searching and installing a special codec that works on the support process, and the application allows you to have some additional tasks, including burning media on multiple discs, DVD, VC and DVD, and it also contains a special converter. It converts media formats to multiple extensions supported by the devices you own, the Software consumes a modest amount of resources during the media playback process.

Download JRiver Media Center 2022 for PC

Download JRiver Media Center 2022 for PC

JRiver Media Center allows its users to listen to radio stations over the Internet, which means following international news continuously and listening to music broadcast in real time. Videos from satellite channels directly and saved on your computer directly.

The Software gives you the ability to create playlists so that it includes your favorite media files well with the possibility of skipping any clip at any time you wish. The list can be exported to the hard disk and read on other media players. Watching your favorite movies with subtitles on it, to sum up, JRiver Media Center is one of the powerful Softwares in the field of media support of all kinds.

JRiver Media Center Features

Play high quality videos and movies.
Watch radio channels and satellite radio stations.
Possibility to create playlists for favorite files.
It allows you to control the application using the keyboard.
Open and display all kinds of images in various formats.
Create and manage a multimedia library.

Information about the JRiver Media Center

Software version: 29.0.62
Program size: 39.4 MB
Publisher: JRiver, Inc.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: experimental copy

Download JRiver Media Center video and audio media player
Download 32 bit
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