Download Krita Professional Photo Editor 2023 for PC for free

Krita is a professional image editor that provides powerful editing functions to add various types of modifications to drawings and personal and family photos in an advanced way. It should be noted that the editor supports importing various types of image formats without exception.

The Software guarantees you a full set of effects and filters that will significantly improve the quality of images before sharing or saving them to the hard disk. It also offers the possibility of adding texts to images with beautiful fonts with powerful customizations to control the text.

The Krita Software can also be used to create and manufacture graphics, given the tools provided in the field of design, adding geometric shapes and coloring parts, as well as installing graphics and adding filters.

Download Krita Professional Photo Editor 2023 for PC for free

The editor also supports adding color improvements to the image, adjusting brightness, brightness, and contrast, and this will give your images and graphics many times better appearance.

Download Krita Professional Photo Editor 2022 for PC for free

This editing Software offers the option of layers, which means the ability to deal with multiple parts of images, perform professional cutting operations and install designs in an advanced manner. To sum up, this application is one of the best Softwares that work in the field of graphic design and image editing and can be used in various fields, including the manufacture of cartoon images. Coloring pictures and more.
Features Krita photo editor
Powerful tools for drawing designs and cartoons.
Supports the use of keyboard shortcuts.
Coloring pictures and adding some effects professionally.
Improve image quality through powerful tools.

Software version: 5.0.6
Program size: 125 MB
Publisher: Krit.
Program compatibility: Windows 7/8.1/10
License: Complimentary

Download Krita Photo Editor

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