Best spyware removal software 2023 Malwarebytes for free

Malwarebytes is one of the important and necessary programs that must be installed on your computer. It is not a protection program in the usual form, but it is a program of great importance, because, as I mentioned, viruses have taken different forms, including Malware, which are powerful and dangerous viruses that most protection programs cannot It detects and performs many tasks such as destroying the system, spying on data and stealing it, and this type of virus is considered the most dangerous because it takes the system itself as a cache for it. .

In this topic, we will review the Malwarebytes program, the latest version of "Malwarebytes", so that we explain to you the most important features of the program and how you can benefit from it in general. We will also explain to you the most important services of the program and some important things with pictures and videos.

What is Malware Byte and how does it work?

For those who do not know what Malwarebytes Anti Malware is, the program is an antivirus, but it is of another kind. As you know, viruses take many different shapes and patterns. 

here are millions of types of viruses that you can find on the Internet, and of course, protection programs can detect a large percentage of these viruses. However, there is a dangerous type of it called Malware, and this type of virus is well hidden in the system and cannot be found easily and infects your device from different sources. 

It may come to you when you download one of the unofficial programs or hacked games that an unreliable person modifies for users and In a hidden way, these spyware files are placed for their own purposes later, and here your device is infected with this type of virus and it is difficult for regular programs such as Avast or Avira Antivirus to detect it.

 Monitors all the activities that are taking place on your computer and analyzes these activities in depth to allow knowing the abnormal activities that are There are often spyware or malware files of different types, and here the program tracks and stops these activities, and then completely deletes these files from your device to obtain the strongest degree of protection, and this explains the necessity of having the MalwareBytes program for the computer on your device.

Best spyware removal software 2023 Malwarebytes for free

 Best spyware removal software 2023 Malwarebytes for free

What damage can malware viruses do to your device

A large percentage of users may not know that malware is the most dangerous type of virus and has become used by hackers from all over the world. The dangers of "malware" spyware and viruses.

Poor performance: Have you noticed that your device, despite its high specifications and power, gives you a very weak performance that is hardly enough for you, then my dear device is infected with this type of virus, as one of the most famous tasks of Malware viruses is to make the computer performance weak by creating hundreds of fake processes so that you can Through it, it makes the processor busy all the time and does not find enough power to process the operations that you perform on your device, and this is what makes the RAM, processor and hard disk always 100% busy.

Spying: You may simply wonder why someone will spy on me. I am not an important person at all until someone cares about me and spy on my files and data in general, but my friend, the matter is much more than that, as hackers or hackers target millions of devices from around the world to use them in their other business. 

It is legitimate, such as attacking the servers of certain companies to stop them, and there are many other reasons for making your device work in Bitcoin mining without your knowledge, and this of course may expose you to many problems.

Data theft: In most cases, the hacker targets millions of devices from all over the world with the virus that he produced in the hope that this malware will infect a device that contains important data. From you, for example, pay a sum of money or buy a certain thing and send it to an address and many other things, so we always advise you to keep an updated backup copy of important files, and we also advise you not to download unknown files to avoid such situations.

There are also many other problems and damages caused by these viruses and spyware, so we advise you to be careful when using the Internet in general and not to download any files or programs from untrusted places in order to stay safe. We also advise you to download MalwareBytes 2022 for free with a direct link to the computer and mobile from below To ensure complete protection for your devices.

The Available versions of MalwareBytes

This is the most important part of the program. All that matters to the user is whether the program that he wants to download from his device and the operating system he is working with is compatible or not. On this, the user decides whether he will download the program or not, so we will show you the following devices supported by the anti-spyware program New Malware Bites 2022.

Malwarebytes For PC: For the computer, it is the basic and most powerful version of the Malwarebytes program, as the developers of the program specifically target devices, so you will find the program available for all devices such as those running Windows such as Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 10 in addition to Mac devices as well, and thus the program becomes comprehensive for a large segment of devices that exist at the present time, but unfortunately there is no version that supports the Linux system so far, and you can download the version that suits you among the many versions offered by the program on the official website.

Malwarebytes For Mobile : Due to the large spread of phones in the recent period, it has become a suitable place for hackers, as smart phones are now used by more than a billion people. That is why the developer of the program has allocated a special version for smart devices running the Android system, where you can download your copy of the Malwarebytes For program Android Apk through the Google Play Store to enjoy stronger protection on your phone against this type of malicious virus. Unfortunately, so far, this application only supports Android phones, but we hope that copies will be developed that include all phones in the near future.

Services provided to you by Malwarebytes

If you are wondering what a program like Malwarebytes Antimalware will offer you, there are many services that you will get after downloading and installing the basic version of the program on your computer or any other device, here are the most important things that Malwarebytes 2022 provides.

Protection: Here we are talking about the main function of the program, which is protection completely, and here we mean protecting your device from viruses or spyware, which are called Malware. In this, the company that developed the program tells us that it offers very strong protection for the user that outperforms any other program that performs the same task. Malwarebytes can detect threats And delete it from its roots without affecting the system or programs running in the background, because very advanced technologies were used in the latest version of the program, which made it four times stronger and faster, as we will explain below.

File protection: As I told you in the previous lines, one of the most dangerous things that Malware viruses do is the process of encrypting and stealing data and files, so the Malwarebytes 2022 program for the computer provided new technologies that encrypt files, but for the benefit of the user this time so that viruses cannot deal with your files and data directly, this is in addition To the complexity of access to those files by viruses in the event that your device is infected with any threat, in order to prevent any problem until dealing with this threat and getting rid of it.

Software protection: The programs installed on your device may pose a great danger to you if they are not secured. We have heard earlier in this world about the big gap in the Microsoft Office package and other programs, so it is possible that your device contains one of the out-of-date or unprotected programs that may Because of it, it constitutes a great threat to all your files and data, so Malwarebytes Anti Malware provides a service that places many layers of protection on these programs, up to four layers at one time, to ensure access to the maximum level of security.

Internet protection: It is known to everyone that the Internet is the main source of all viruses and security threats that may infect any device. Or a scam that aims to mislead you only, so the company that developed the program provided it with a technology to track your surfing on the Internet, and when you start downloading an infected file or entering a suspicious site, the program automatically blocks this download or this page to ensure your safety.

Detection of vulnerabilities: operating systems on the computer and mobile are always discovering many vulnerabilities, and until a new security update is sent to fill this gap, your device will be in great danger, but if you download the Antimalware program, you will be safe because the program is able to detect all the vulnerabilities as soon as any threat in it.

Updates: The Malwarebytes program is linked to a huge online database that contains all kinds of threats and viruses and is updated on a daily basis to include all that is new and through it the program is able to detect all threats immediately and without delay to keep the user completely safe.

Scan speed: In the latest version of Antimalware , the program has become four times faster and more powerful, so that you can now detect threats early before these occur any problems or file corruption, so that your files and your operating system are permanently completely safe.

Information about Malwarebytes

Program size: 280 MB
Developer: Malwarebytes.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: experimental copy

Download Malwarebytes

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