Download Waterfox 2023 web browser for PC

Water Fox is a browser that gives the user a great speed in opening multiple websites, as it works based on promising technologies in the field of speeding up browsing and increasing response even if your throughput is weak. As safe as possible and to be far away from the common security threats at the present time.

In addition, the Software has a black database that contains all harmful sites that contain viruses or use some fraudulent methods to steal user data, most notably social networking sites, and the matter may extend to bank accounts such as PayPal and others. There is a large possibility of theft that you may be exposed to in any and you must choose the recommended safe sites.

The browser provides an easy-to-use interface that provides you with all the functions in an easy and unique way, which means that the transition between functions will be smooth without complications, and more than that, this web browser supports the tabs system, which will allow you to open many websites and pages within a unified window and you can move between tabs with all Ease and shutdown that you don't need.

Download Waterfox 2023 web browser for PC

Download Waterfox 2022 web browser for PC

Waterfox is a very smart browser that can contribute greatly to ensuring smooth browsing, as it saves the sites you frequent and works on suggesting them to you in the coming times so that you do not have to type the full site link every time, and not only that, but it also has an auto-fill feature Which saves some information such as name and email, and when you register on one of the sites, the application will fill in the fields with the data that was previously saved.

The Water Fox web browser includes a download manager that will give you the ability to download all the files you want, such as videos and applications, from Internet pages at a rocket speed with the ability to manage such as stopping, resuming or canceling, and you can adjust some download features such as choosing the place to save and others.

In the end, what can be said is that the Water Fox web browser is an integrated Software that will cover all your browsing needs and be replete with a large number of important functions that will provide you with a unique experience in browsing multiple Internet sites without problems. 

Features of the Waterfox web browser
High speed in opening multiple websites.
Autofill feature for data such as name and addresses.
Keeping login information securely.
Protect privacy by deleting all traces.
It works to block harmful websites and annoying ads.
Keyboard shortcuts can be used for tasks.

Software version: G4.1.3.1
Program size: 63.8 MB
Publisher: Waterfox.
Program compatibility: Windows 64 Bit
License: Complimentary

Download Waterfox

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