Download Windows Repair 2022 for free

Windows Repair is one of the leading Softwares for repairing computer errors of all kinds. It offers a wide range of various functions in solving registry problems, security problems, and system updating. By using it, you can get a system free from errors that cause slow system progress and the emergence of various problems. The Software sets the default settings for Windows, which makes it fast without the slightest problems that usually result from incorrect operation of the settings.

Windows Repair tool is effective in all circumstances as it solves problems with Internet Explorer and other browsers. Viruses and malicious files can tamper with system settings to create an appropriate atmosphere for them, such as entering records in the registry and boot Softwares, but with this Software you will restore your computer performance with ease, and the application works on Solve firewall problems to return to its previous work of protecting you from electronic threats, the Software performs a comprehensive examination of the Windows system and detects the problems it faces in addition to providing the necessary solutions.

Download Windows Repair 2022 for free

Windows users have to carry out maintenance work frequently, as experts advise, and this is in order to get a system free of errors, as there is a large group of specialized Softwares that we offer you the most prominent, one of the characteristics of the Software is its availability on a powerful algorithm that guarantees access to information about the system and its performance In general, it provides a way to get rid of redundant files and outdated registry and detect files that negatively affect Windows performance.

The main feature of the Software is to fix system errors in general, but this does not prevent it from having sub-tools, including solving the problem of icons and shortcuts, and it has the advantage of taking a backup copy of Windows and the registry in order to return to it in case the system encounters problems, and the Windows Repair Software comes with an elegant interface Easy to use, meaning that its use does not require experience in the field. All tools are beautifully categorized in the form of tabs. You can choose everything you want to start the maintenance process.

Download Windows Repair 2022 for free

Windows Repair Features

Solve various system updates problems and return settings to normal.
The possibility of taking a copy of the registry and Windows to return to it in case you encounter problems.
A comprehensive and accurate analysis of all parts of Windows and provision of serious solutions to errors.
Clean and set up the firewall properly.
Fix default browser errors for Windows Internet Explorer.
Advanced tool to fix corrupted malicious files and viruses.
Maintaining the registry system and scanning the entries that are useless.
An elegant graphic interface that is easy to use. All tools are arranged in tabs.
Supports various Windows systems, including XP / 7 / 8 / 10.
Addressing the problem of icons and shortcuts on the system.
The application is small in size and does not take a lot of resources while using it.

Information about Windows Repair

Software version: 4.13.0
Program size: 54.0 MB
Publisher: Tweaking LLC.
Program compatibility: Windows Xp/7/8/10
License: Complimentary

Download Windows Repair

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