GoodSync file sync and backup software for PC 2023

The personal and practical files are of great importance to the user, so the latter always focuses on protecting them from various factors, including the destruction of viruses, as well as the occurrence of damage to the hard disk or other problems, and for this we will offer you the ideal solution that we recommend, which is to synchronize and save files directly on the site server, as it guarantees Thus, keeping the data for the longest possible period and accessing it in the event that you format optional or forced, and among the best Softwares that provide the service is the GoodSync Software, which we will address its features and characteristics in this post.

The Software is easy to use and does not require prior experience as it can be set up and used very easily and adjust the settings correctly immediately after the installation process and through a few simple steps and this is an important point in the application that makes it suitable for all categories of users, in addition to that, it is light on the computer and does not cause slowdown or spasms During use and works in the background with the least amount of resources that can be expected, this additional features include the advantage of accessing the service from smart phones with ease, which means downloading files from your account directly on the mobile.

GoodSync file sync and backup software for PC 2023

The Software gives you the ability to manage your files that have been saved on the server by adopting the backup feature. You will also be able to create new folders, delete junk files, rename and other options. An important point that must be mentioned is that you must secure your account on the GoodSync service, and this is so that You lose the advantage of accessing your files in the coming times, and to indicate that logins are subject to strict protection, as it is based on data encryption, thus ensuring its privacy and preventing its hacking or access by hackers.

GoodSync 2022 file sync and backup software for PC 

This additional features include support for some cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive and OneDrive, which means that it can be shared with more than one shared cloud storage account with ease through a click of the mouse, or the automatic sync option can be activated for it through the settings of the application, this Software comes with support For various international languages, including replaces and other foreign languages, which means a shorter time in understanding the features presented because it will be in your local language.

Features of GoodSync Backup and File Sync
Upload various types of files on a regular and periodic basis.
It runs in the background and syncs all the time.
You can access files on some devices.
Secure and strong encryption of your information and data.
Integrates with other cloud storage platforms.
Private browser for saved files.
The ability to reorganize files professionally.
Available in more than one international language, including replaces.
About GoodSync Backup and File Synchronization Program

Software version:
Program size: 53.4 MB
Publisher: iber Systems, Inc.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

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