Activate Windows 10 Pro for Life Legally 2023

Activating Windows 10 is one of the things that many users are looking for in order to get rid of the Windows 10 activation message that appears while using the system or to take advantage of all system services that may need an activated copy of Windows 10. We have already learned how to speed up Windows 10 and improve its performance, and in this article, God willing, we will learn how to activate Windows 10 in a legal way by purchasing a lifetime Windows 10 Pro activation key at the cheapest possible price. We will also learn about the advantages of this method and the disadvantages of using a Windows 10 activation tool such as KMSAuto and others.

Activate Windows 10 Pro

After downloading and installing Windows 10 on the device, you will find that you are required to enter an activation key in order to activate the version of the system you are using. There is more than one way to do this, including using a genuine Windows Serial, but it is often very expensive. Therefore, some resort to using some other means, which are illegal Windows activation tools.
These tools are considered one of the most famous ways to activate Windows 10 for free, but at the same time these means may lead to infecting your device with viruses such as ransomware and perhaps worse, it may lead to penetration of the device and theft of its data, or hackers may use it to mine cryptocurrencies, where This type has become very popular in the recent period.

- as we have seen; Both methods are not suitable for the process of activating Windows. So the best solution is to buy a Windows 10 activation key, and this key can be purchased at a starting price of only half a euro, and you do not have to risk using malicious activation tools. It also works on 64-bit or 32-bit versions for life.

Buy Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 activation key

The Windows 10 Pro activation key can be purchased easily from many sites that provide this service, but the prices of these sites may range from 6 to 10 dollars per key. There is a site that allows you to get the best price available online for Windows 10 activation key is AllKeyShop.

- This site is a price comparison platform. You can search for a digital product from activation keys for different versions of Windows to video games for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The site will show you the price of the product you searched for on the most famous online stores, so that you can easily know the site Which offers the cheapest price for the product.

- The site currently offers the ability to purchase an activation key for Windows 10 and also Windows 11 at a price starting from half a euro up to 2 euros, which is the cheapest available price you will ever find.

Windows 10 Pro activation key

- We will now learn how to use this method in order to activate Windows on your device, and all the steps that you will need from purchasing the key until using it to activate Windows.

1- Log in to this link Which will take you directly to the cheapest site that provides Windows 10 Pro activation key.

2- You will find the price of the key visible in front of you with some notes about the key and the method of activation. Create an account on the site and pay for the product.

Activate Windows 10 for Free

3- After that, the site will show you the key that you can use in the activation process.

Activate Windows 10 Pro

- After you have obtained the key, you can now use it to activate Windows using the method in the video above. You can use the key afterwards on the same machine if it makes a new copy. After you finish burning Windows on the flash drive and start the installation process, you can use the key or wait for the installation to finish and activate the copy after that.

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