Download Privacy Eraser 2023 for PC for free

Privacy Eraser is a very effective tool in protecting user privacy by deleting all browsing traces such as cookies and cookies in addition to the sites visited, this application helps in improving the performance of browsers in general, making them more efficient and powerful after use, and the Software has some Great tools, including the ability to permanently get rid of files while ensuring that they are not recovered using data recovery Softwares on the Internet.

It is worth noting that this Software allows its users to permanently empty the recycle bin in addition to getting rid of temporary files for browsers, which helps free up new space on the hard disk that you can use to save new data on it, and this Software is compatible with various browsers Mozilla Firefox and Software Google Chrome And Internet Explorer, the application helps you get rid of annoying tools that sometimes contain malicious ads

Download Privacy Eraser 2023 for PC for free

Privacy Eraser is characterized by ease of use, meaning that you will not find it difficult to adapt to the available tools, which makes it an available tool for beginners and professionals alike. Various effects, moreover it offers you the possibility to get rid of temporary files of some other applications besides different browsers.

It is worth noting that you can set the operations to be performed by the application periodically and repeatedly immediately after closing the browsers, and this is a smart feature that absolves you from the cleaning process every time. Another feature is the ability to control the auto-completion process for filling forms so that you can add new information and change the data to suit you, and you can Return the default settings of your browsers such as the address shown at the top of the browser and set the areas for saving browsing traces.

Protect your privacy and erase all traces and files on the browser.
The possibility of permanently deleting sensitive data and ensuring that it is not retrieved.
Do a full hard disk scan and find all kinds of temporary files.
Reducing the burden on browsers and thus increasing the speed of access to the Internet.
Delete gadgets that contain malicious pop-up ads.
The feature of scheduling tasks to be done automatically without your intervention.
Delete redundant files thus freeing up new space on the hard drive.
An elegant graphic interface that is easy to use and hassle free.
Information about Privacy Eraser Software version: 5.26.4279
Program size: 9.01 MB
Publisher: Cybertron Software Co.
Program compatibility: Windows 7/8/10
License: Complimentary

Download Privacy Eraser

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